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March 23 2006

Clip of Joss Interview from the UK's MTV Screenplay is online. For those of us not living in the UK, you can now watch a video clip online containing a portion of the Joss Whedon interview where he mentions the Spike movie.

Click on "All the latest news from Movieland" and the clip of Joss appears at the end after a brief bit about a Doomsday movie and Alien Autopsy film.

I know Simon. I posted it so fans who weren't able to see it could watch a clip of the interview, but if you think it should be taken down, that's okay.
Well we haven't chatted about the future of the Buffyverse for a couple of weeks so it can stay.
Thanks killinj. I was hoping to view some or all of it online at some point.
Can't wait for the day when they announce this is a go. I wish they'd be more specific as to what the hold-up is. But I'm caustiously optimistic it'll happen. We want it so badly and we'll all shell out bucks for it. Let's go!
If it happens (nothing is signed yada).. I suspect the problem is the usual - financing, getting everything signed blah blah.
The monster in the excerpt of Doomsday reminds me of the thing that ate Willow's skin in the cave in the 7th season.
This made me want to watch my Angel S5 DVD's...which I can't find!!!!

sigh sniffle sniffle
I'm really glad he apologized for that horrid pun. 'Cuz...yeah...cringe-worthy.

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