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March 23 2006

Harry Groener to be King Arthur in Spamalot. According to, Harry Groener (Mayor Wilkins from BtVS) will be taking over as King Arthur in Spamalot on Broadway starting April 25th.

They seem to like redheaded Whedon alums. What next, Alyson as the lady from Castle Anthrax?
That's very fun news. Glad I get to see it with Alan Tudyk and Tim Curry, that was such a lot of fun :) Not just saying that cause it was a great date night with my girl, either :)
I lent some friends Firefly last summer...they saw Spamalot and actually got to meet Alan after the show and tell him how much the loved Firefly...maybe they should go now to see Harry (they're working their way through Buffy--Season 6) these days!
That's so rad, I adore Harry Groener. I got a kick out of seeing him on Bones. :)
As long as he minds his language.
That is. effing. amazing.

I so love the Mayor. Hopefully I'll get to see this show while someone I love is in it.
Yay Mr. Groener, or should I say, "Your Honor"! ;-)
I was lucky enough to see Alan and Tim back in October in the show. It was amazing! I don't know if I would have been able to contain myself if my seat had been the magical one. That close, in such an exciting situation. I would see that show again and again. *sigh*
This is so awesome. My musical theatre friend HATES all things that relate to Buffy (I think just to piss me off) and LOVES Spamalot. I can't wait to rub his nose in this. Someday I'll get to New York I hope!
CiV, your story makes me jealous. I, too went to see Spamalot when Alan was in it and waited backstage for him to come out to no avail, he didn't appear. So, determined little obsessive that I am, I visited the backstage area after the play several more times during my trip and saw all the other actors (save Tim Curry) come out to greet the fans each visit and was crushed anew at the lack of Alan. What was your friend's secret?
aver, that is very odd. In July I saw Spamalot and since our hotel was on the same block, I managed to be right by the stage door 3 times and Alan came out even when it was raining and even when no one else did. A matinee, an evening show and then on a Friday night when the whole cast came out. (No Tim Curry though. He was on vacation.)I think they perhaps take turns coming out? I was told once that the most recent actor to a play usually gets the duty.
I got to see Harry Groener at a small con once and there were problems with the camera for the photo ops. So, while we all waited, he entertained us with some songs and a bit of soft shoe.
I think he'll be great as King Arthur.
Well, maybe by October he'd gotten tired of the whole routine, but it's nice to hear Alan did greet some fans at one time. I still love him and would try again if he wants to tread the boards in the future- it was delicious to see him live!

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