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March 23 2006

Vote for SERENITY and James Marsters for the Spacey awards. James is nominated for best new character (Brainiac) and Serenity for best movie.

You can vote for Smallville in the ensemble cast too.

*grins cheekily at all the TV snobs*
I think Brainiac is one of the hardest words to spell. I always end up writing Brianac or Braniac. I'm just happy I can consistently type Rogue instead of Rouge!

You can vote for Smallville in the ensemble cast too.

But that begs the question....why...

*if disliking Smallville makes me wrong, I don't wanna be right!*
Did I spell it wrong? ha!

Since James isn't technical part of the ensemble (he's just a very special recurring guest star) I didn't include SMALLVILLE.

I also see that Mal is included in one award, and in reviews of past years, they have pictures of James and some good natured ribbing about the ebay incident.
Space has been snubbing the Whedon shows lately. They used to have respectable timeslots. Now Buffy is on at 3 in the morning. I found this out while pulling an all nighter, studying for bio. But back to my point, yeah, it's hard to find a whedon show at a decent time there. Instead, they play Andromeda and Enterprise everyday.
Braniac?! What, is he some kind of cereal killer? (ducks)
Or is he just a regular guy? (I'll stop now, honest)
Bwa! Braniac/ maniac... See?
For "fave movie" I voted Serenity, but I was tempted to vote King Kong as well. Sin City was pulling at my pantleg too.

For "fave TV" I voted Lost 'cause that's the only nominee I've been watching. Definitely wanna see Battlestar Galactica on DVD soon and Russel T. Davies' Dr. Who some day as well, don't care about the other two though.

I haven't been watched Smallville this season (it would never get any votes from me anyway, except if maybe a couple of the better actors were in categories without heavy competition), so Lost got my "fave ensemble" pick. I've been curious about The 4400 for a while, just haven't gotten around to renting it yet. Again, I wish I'd seen the new Battlestar.

"Favorite new character" had to go to Ana-Lucia of Lost. Haven't seen any of the others, not gonna give James Marsters' Brainiac the vote sight-unseen.

For video games I voted God of War (although I only played a decent-length demo for it, it thrilled), but I would've rather voted for the incredible Shadow of the Colossus if it was a nominee.

"Action sequence" was hard...The T-rex fight in Kong was very well done, fun, and very primal/brutal...but the initial attack in War of the Worlds was beautifully shot and terrifying...I went with Kong. Oversized animals win out over hostile slippery aliens any day.

Gave "fave effects" to Sin City, loved the look of that one, though Kong and WotW would've been just as worthy.

Doesn't SPACE usually have more nominees in their awards? Maybe more are coming...
Cool! Here are my votes:

Favorite Movie: Serenity
Favorite TV Show: Battlestar Galactica, of course!
Favorite TV Ensemble Cast: Again, BSG.

I didn't vote in the other categories because I'm not familiar with most of the nominations.
Doesn't SPACE usually have more nominees in their awards? Maybe more are coming...

These are the nominations that fans get to vote on - some catagory winners are chosen by the station.They change the catagories fans vote for from year to year as well.
Though not a Smallville fan, James Marsters is my favorite actor of the verse and will always get my vote. Serenity was another easy choice. Though my love for BSG is dimming, I still think it's the best show on TV right now.
I think it's been interesting watching James Marsters create a character that is very different from the one he is most known for. Never saw Spike smile this much. So,yeah,Brainiac gets my vote.
I voted for Serenity(doh), BSG(both bestTV show and cast), Call of Duty 2(what's up with Fear not being on that list?), War of the Worlds(FX, I know that King Kong's was probably better, but I really really liked the tripods), Episode 3(for the laser fight), and Lost for best new character, 'cause Lost is the only show I watch from that list. Otherwise I would have voted for Ben Browder.

I hope Serenity wins.
James is getting alot of critical acclaim for his role on SMALLVILLE. He gets my vote. (Duh)

LOST has "lost" something this year. I don't know if it's because Fury left and the show lacks his writing oomph, or if all these new characters are too much, but I have all but quit watching the show. I see in TV GUIDE this week that Terry O'Quinn made statements about his character not being as interesting.

Favorite Movie: Serenity
Favorite TV Show: Battlestar Galactica, of course!
Favorite TV Ensemble Cast: Again, BSG.

Ditto for me ElectricSpaceGirl. And much as I love James and Ben Browder, I voted for Claudia Black in the best new character category. She's brought a fresh energy to the SG-1.
The only straightforward choice for me there was for favourite movie, that being Serenity, of course.

The other catergories were a lot more difficult to decide on, which i guess goes to show how much better the standard of television series has been of late.

Favourite TV show is almost impossible for me because the options include four shows that i never miss. Between Battlestar Galactica, Lost, Stargate SG-1 and Supernatural it was a really hard choice but i went with Galactica in the end, simply because it is the one i think i look forward to just that little bit more.

Favourite ensemble was almost as hard, putting Galactica, SG-1 and Lost against one another but i went with Lost as the character mix is what really makes the show work for me.

Finally, favourite new character. Normally my vote would go to James every time but not being a big Smallville fan i have to admit i've struggled to even see him on the show. The few times i have caught an episode with him in it was clear that he deserved better, if i'm honest. My real choice was between Ben and Claudia for their new roles in Stargate SG-1 and i went for Claudia in the end as, like Selannia said above, Vala has brough a breath of fresh air to the show each time she has appeared.
You can vote for Smallville in the ensemble cast too.

But one good actor doesn't an ensemble make (okay there may be two, but still not an ensemble) ;) BSG uber alles! Voted: Serenity (movie), BSG (tv show), BSG (tv cast), Rose Tyler (new tv character), Call of Duty 2 (video game), Batman Begins (action sequence), Sin City (fx).
Voted: Batman Begins(movie), James M.(new tv character), God of War(video game).
Heh, I voted for exactly the same as you zeitgeist (except for the video game which I didn't vote in. I'm always ages behind when it comes to games I'm in the middle of Morrowind atm)
movie: Serenity (umm...13 ticket stubs sitting next to my autographed poster by Summer)
show: BSG (I only love VM more...well maybe GG too)
cast: BSG (how many sides of Starbuck can we see? what a cast!!!)
new character: James (gave up on Smallville, but will toon in for him)
video game: don't play (I've seen hubby procrastinate too much to join in the fun)
action: WOTW (freaked me out, saw it during a really bad rain storm)
FX: King Kong (one of the most beautiful love stories, and it was freakin' CGI!)

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