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March 24 2006

Bones gets a second season. More David Boreanaz will be coming your way this Fall.

Congrats DB! Bones is not my favorite show on TV, but I do enjoy it and look forward to more Bones/Booth sparks (but keep them apart!).
Good for David. I am enjoying this show more and more every week.
It started off very shakily and was far too derivative. Wisely the writers identified the show's one strength, its characters. Since it has been character rather than plot driven but also found some plots that weren't entirely predictable, it has become stronger and stronger. It certainly deserves its second season just based on its rate of improvement. I hope it builds on what it has achieved so far.

Plus there's more opportunity to watch Boreanaz. Mmmm, salty goodness!
Congratulations to DB and all the cast. It definitely has improved since the pilot.

I would like to see that second season - let's hope Fox decide to broadcast the episodes in the correct order this time (up to their old tricks).
Cool. I had been going to stop watching Bones a while back, but while I still have issues with some of the writing (it can be a little heavy handed), I have come to really enjoy Boreanaz's performance in the show, and a lot fo the inter character stuff.
Seeing DB not having to be all dead is really nice!
Well, apart of me thinks if David wanted the money badly, he'll be ringing up Joss to play Angel again, so Bones is giving him income.

That's the only reason I wouldn't of cried if it was canceled. The Angel show is hands down more watchable then Bones will ever be, and his landmark role, so I wish him goodluck, but very selfish me, for keeping the Angel flag alive.

When actors need money, they come running back to their signature roles: Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct 2 etc.

So I hope David needs money in the future to secure a extra house or something.

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Although it is not a favorite show of mine, I am very, very happy for Mr. Boreanaz. Yay DB! :-)
Not a big surprise, really. Bones seems to be a definate safe bet for Fox. I've still not been able to get into it, although if i'm honest i have already sort of given up even trying because i know it's not really my kind of show, regardless of trying to show a little loyalty to David. Obviously, being in the UK it won't make the slightest difference to any important ratings whether i watch it or not so i really doubt that i'll be bothering in the future.

Good luck to DB though. Hope he's enjoying the role.
I didn't expect much of it, but I've grown really very fond of Bones (whereas The Inside I expected much of and am slighly disappointed by). I love DB and Emily Deschanel in it, but I also like the way the other characters actually have personalities and stories, and play a real part in the show.

So, hurray for a second season.

(By the way, over here in the UK, they are currently showing "Best of Angel" episodes directly after Bones, and it brings home how much DB has aged over the years - so, a bit tricky to go back to playing a character who is never supposed to age, methinks...).
SeanValen, I've heard your thoughts expressed before by other people. It always bothers me.

It is very often not primarily the money that brings an actor back to a role. One of the many reasons actors are not interested in doing the same role forever is so that they can be cast in other things. They need to stretch their artistic muscles a bit as well as showing the Hollywood PTB that they are capable of doing other things. Once they have proven to everyone and themselves what they are capable of and have gotten some distance from the character, they are often more willing to come back to it. Therefore, rather than wishing no work to your favorite actor so theat they will be willing to come back and make a crappy version of something that was wonderful, perhaps wishing them much success so that they can come back to the character out of love and with the insistance that it be a quality product would be a better strategy. :-)
Agree newcj, and think how much more "muscle" Angel would have if David is indeed successful! Can't help but complain that David is short-changed in the news article...I certainly would describe him as a co-star and he always works with Emily's character...oh well. I liked the show from the beginning because I could see the chemistry between the leads but I agree that it has rapidly improved, this past week's episode was the best yet!
Kiddo - Personally I've thought how much fitter and younger DB looks on 'Bones' as opposed to the last 2 seasons of Angel, particularly S5. I know his knee surgery prevented him from working out during AtS 5 but perhaps the daylight hours are kinder on him too?

Calledon - He is definitely short changed by that article - I see him as a Co-star who often steals the scene. But that's my biased opinion.
I also agree with Newcj here. If David ever comes back to the role of Angel, I hope it's because he wants to and isn't desperate for a paycheck. And also agree with Callendon on how David is short-changed in the article. He is certainly more than just an occasional co-star and, imo, has always been considered like an equal to me with the lead female character. Usually in promos for the show both characters are used equally to promote the show. And in the opening credits they seem to get equal billing. I've always seen him as the leading male character of the show along with ED lead female character. Kind of like a Moonlighting thing.
I'm probably one of the people here who dislikes Bones the most. Just cannot stand it and i've got absolutely no interest in watching it again, whether it goes for two seasons or ten. That said, i'm glad for DB that he gets regular work from this role and hope that it continues for as long as he wants to play the part. I sure as hell don't want to see him forced back into playing the role of Angel because he had no other options.

That said again, if he ever decided to return to the actually interesting and challenging role of Angel, even if just for a movie or three, then that wouldn't suck either. One more hour of playing Angel would stretch his acting ability more than an entire series playing Seeley Bland.
A second season of Bones?
Woo and Hoo!
Didn't want to like it, but despite myself I like it and even (gasp) tape it if I'm going to miss it.

I'm very glad for DB's success and wish him much, much more.
This is a show that has totally grown on me. I really enjoy DB in this role and think he's doing a great job. I really like the chemistry between him and ED and I like the supporting cast as well.
Very slightly off topic but just out of interest, has anyone here heard any news on whether Invasion is getting picked up for a second season or not? Of all the new shows out this last season that has been the one that has really hooked me and i'd love to see it continue. My hopes aren't high but i'm keeping my fingers crossed anyway.
Simon: Some speculation that Bones has been aired out of order this season.

No speculation actually. The episodes have been aired out of order. (Pilot,102,101,104,105,106,103,107,108,110,109,112,113,114,115,111)

Since the relationship aspect of the show has been given more focus, having the episodes out of order has undermined that arc a bit. Now that the show has been renewed, perhaps there will be somewhat less tinkering next season.
Very slightly off topic but just out of interest, has anyone here heard any news on whether Invasion is getting picked up for a second season or not? Of all the new shows out this last season that has been the one that has really hooked me and i'd love to see it continue. My hopes aren't high but i'm keeping my fingers crossed anyway.

No official news on that, but according to Matt Roush, the ratings have been going down and it doesn't look to likely that it will get renewed. :(
Thanks for that, vampire dan. I suspected as much but it's still a shame. Invasion deserves a chance to build on the events of season one, probably more than Bones does, certainly in my opinion anyway. If Invasion gets axed then the only season two i'll be watching next year is that of Supernatural.

Regarding airing episodes out of order, they did the same with the early first season episodes of Farscape. For the most part it isn't all that noticeable except for the character development of Aeryn, which seems very disjointed to begin with. One episode she seems to be settling into her life on Moya and the next she is acting all snooty Peacekeeper again.

It's a great pity that networks don't get that television viewers do like a little consistency in the way the characters are acting. Mind you, given that the reason they love procedurals so much is that they can repeat them in any old order they like, without having to worry too much about any multi-episode story arcs, i suppose we can't expect miracles.
Speaking of the article short-changing DB, it always bugs me that his name is really hard to spot in the opening credits. It comes on the screen at the same time as ED's name (since they co-leads), but the stuff on-screen draws the eye away from his name. I don't think it's intentional, I think it's just sloppy editing, so I hope they redo it for season 2. (I do like the music in the opening a lot.)
Excellent news! I was a little skeptical at first, but Bones has really grown on me.

I just noticed that Bones's T.J. Thyne also appeared in season 5 of Angel. I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes :)
I finally read the article. Boy, that does give DB short shrift. Has there been an A plot case that he has not ended up working on? I have not seen a bunch of the episodes so I don't know for sure, but it seemed like that was the way it worked. Something bad is found by his people and she gets called in or her people are working on something and he gets called in. Do I have it wrong?
I've been watching the DVD set of the Rockford Files and have concluded that if anyone ever re-makes this show into a film... David Boreanaz would make the perfect Jim Rockford. Who's with me?
I can definitely see it Hjermsted! He's got the looks and personality to pull it off!

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