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March 24 2006

Alyson Hannigan to provide voice for 'Farce of the Penguins'. If you haven't guessed already, it's a parody of the hugely successful documentary "March of the Penguins". Alyson also turns 32 today so happy birthday.

I'm also 32 today but that's not really news.

Happy Birthday, Aly!

Happy Birthday, Simon. :)
Happy Birthday Simon!

Happy Birthday to the lovely Alyson Hannigan too. :-D

Farce of the Penguins. I do love the title.
Happy Birthday, Simon. How cool that you were born on the same day as Alyson!
Happy Birthday, Simon! Doing anything exciting?
I may play around with my Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver. It makes cool noises plus it has an ultraviolet light for invisible ink writing. I am, at heart, a simple soul.
Easily pleased. Like me.

Alyson Hanngian is becoming king of the parody. It's ironic that the film which killed Serenity on US DVD will be parodied by a Whedonverse person.
Happy Birthdays, Alyson and Simon! Hope you both have a great day (and reading about your awesome-sounding Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver, Simon, I believe you are already having one!) ;-)
Whee! Happy birthday Simon, and Alyson as well, obviously!

As for 'farce of the penguins'.... Title is good. Premise, well, not sure. Might be great, might be big pile 'o crap. The fact that mr. Jackson and Aly are both on board does make me at least a tad hopefull it'll turn out okay, though.
Aly seems to have found a worrying niché in parody films all of a sudden. Lets hope this doesn't turn out to be the dud that 'Date Movie' was...
Happy Birthday Alyson and Happy Birthday to Simon as well :)
Happy birthday Alyson...and Simon. I'm the one who gave him the sonic screwdriver. :o)
Happy Birthday Simon and Aly!
Happy Birthday Simon and Aly!! Have fun playing with that screwdriver (even though I have no clue what a sonic screwdriver is it sounds like something fun)!
Joyous Natal Day, Simon! ;)

What man wouldn't want to spend his birthday screwing around?

Here's hoping there's cake!
I can't believe so many celebs are signed up for this... it sounds so lame. A short parody on SNL or such is one thing. A whole movie is kind of ridiculous, IMO. But I bet it will make lots of money, so there ya go.

Happy Birthday to Aly!
For those who don't know: sonic screwdriver.
*sigh* Another sure to be terrible movie that Aly is involved in. Oh well, at least she'll only be heard and not seen in this one.
Happy birthday Simon! And Tee, good gift, obviously!
And a Happy birthday to our Alyson as well. Hope Alexis gives you a good gift too.
Happy Birthday Simon! And Aly, of course.
So, now you can...undo stuff! And, like, put it back together again....
I'll stick to cake. Something with a buttercream filling, I hope.
Happy Birthdays to Simon & Aly.
Yay to the birthdays! (It's not midnight here in the States yet, Simon. ;-) )
Happy Birthday Simon! Happy Birthday Aly!
Happy Birthday to the two of you!!

I don't like the sound of this one...Aly should try and go for a romantic comedy. She can show off her comedy skills that everyone knows she has. She can then show the amazing dramatic side that we all know.
I'm just happy *someone's* parodying that penguin movie. I did not enjoy. Ended up bored -- and rather cold.

Belated happy's all around.

Sonic screwdriver? I want! I want!

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