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March 24 2006

Lileks on "Our Mrs. Reynolds". Brief commentary on today's (permalinked) Bleat, the last two paragraphs.

Nice :) Thanks for the (perma)link, Chris inVirginia!

Why can't all people have simple names such as Abraahams, Shyamalalaman or DiCapucino?

He gave away the ending! C. J. Lileks! You bastard! (j/k)


[slides down the bannister]

What I don't get is how this Lileks guy can limit himself to one new episode a week. That kind of self-discipline is just too scary to contemplate.
Yeah. I'm pretty narcissistic too, but I don't have time to blog--too many good DVDs to watch, and good books to read!
MissKittysMom, he's a rather busy guy...seriously...he writes a bunch of columns, does radio shows, etc., and had a young daughter. He seems astoundingly self-disciplined.

I did like his observation about the varying levels of technology still seeming totally plausible.
I've read Mr Lileks a coupla times but never really saw the attraction. In this one, however, I think he's caught the wry/funny disease, and I mean that in a good way.
I know I cringed at the Wheedon, but, hey, could be just a typo.
The "Try that, T.J. Hooker." made me giggle tho.
Who is this Lileks and why does his opinion matter more than the average LJ user who enjoys Firefly.
Simon, I've edited this wikipedia entry on Lileks to exclude really extraneous stuff. He's got a fairly significant following:

James Lileks (born August 9, 1958 in Fargo, North Dakota) is an American journalist, columnist, and blogger living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His blog, the Daily Bleat, began in 1997 and is one of the oldest blogs still running. The Bleat, which is still written in the older "online journal" style, covers every topic from his personal life, to politics, to cultural points of interest ranging from art and architecture to movies and music. Known for dry humor and an engaging style of writing, Lileks grew in fame in the blogosphere especially following 9/11 and the subsequent explosion in the popularity of blogs for spreading both news and general punditry.

His books The Gallery of Regrettable Food and Interior Desecrations: Hideous Homes from the Horrible '70s follow a similar form.

Lileks writes columns for the Star Tribune, the Newhouse News Service and The Washington Post. He was formerly a regular columnist for the Minnesota Daily in school and later St. Paul Pioneer Press. He has also hosted a radio show called The Diner on KSTP 1500 AM, a Twin Cities ABC affiliate, and has been a "monologist" for the public affairs program Almanac, carried on Minnesota PBS stations.

Ah fair enough. I only ever read three blogs regularly, one of which is this one so me and the blogosphere are not completely au fait with each other.
That last line is classic.

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