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March 25 2006

Seth Green on next Friday's (March 31st) "Real Time with Bill Maher," on HBO at 11 PM. The show's HBO website still has this week's guests listed. Just saw Seth Green's name on the "next week's guests" crawl.

Hey, so did I!

Yaaaay, someone else watches Real Time!
Me, too! UnpluggedCrazy, I think we're back to twindom! ;-)
Yes! billz, I knew that our twin estrangement could not last long!

...Though I will admit, I got unfortunately occupied and missed most of last night's ep, including the whole panel discussion! But, as always, Bill Maher rocks.
Regarding tv appearances, it would be better if the heads up about them was done on the day rather than a week before.
Isn't it good that we know well enough ahead of time to plan to watch it or set VCR's or whatever?
Usually a heads up about a tv appearance in a week's time doesn't tend to generate much if any discussion. That's my main concern about tv links posted days in advance.
Yeah, I wasn't going to post this until next week. Didn't want to get another link deleted.

It's cool that he's going to be on Bill Maher. This weeks episode wasn't great due to it being a pretty slow week for news. Anyways, I'm always up for some Seth.
Awesome. I love Real Time.
I wonder what he's promoting?
The DVD release of Robot Chicken is next week. My guess is that's what Seth will be promoting.
ETA: Hjermsted and I were both being helpful about Robot Chicken, heh. I just don't type fast, that's all there is to it. So, er, nice weather, huh? ;-)

[ edited by billz on 2006-03-26 01:28 ]
This week's Real Time was excellent. Try to catch the rerun if you missed it. I didn't see the crawl. Is Seth a panelist or a video guest?
I cancelled HBO because RealTime was the only show I watched, but now find I miss the show terribly. All this talk plus Seth Green? Now I'm downright grumpy about it. :) Must ask the great zeitgeist to download this episode through the magic of the interweb. Loves me those techy types.

And dreamlogic -- I'd bet he's panel, doncha think? Video spots are usually reserved for politicians, activists, and the like, while the actor is generally at the table, right? Should be good fun. Thanks for the head's up, skeezycheese.

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