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March 25 2006

True Glory - a Clare Kramer interview. Random factoids from reading this interview. Clare and her husband have a night club in L.A. and she's thrilled that Glory was voted number one Buffy villain.

Number one villian? Glory so deserves that. That was a pleasure to read, thanks Simon!
Absolutely the number one Big Bad...And that's really saying something, give the other (except for Adam) Big Bads!
Wait, does this mean that Ben is...

Sorry, I've been waiting through dozens of threads to say that. ;-)

ETA: BTW, this interview starts with the writer calling Ms. Kramer, The cute and curvy bombshell. Hello? 21st century much? ;-)

[ edited by billz on 2006-03-26 01:34 ]
I agree Billz, I would have said something more like, "babe-a-licious" or maybe "extra smokin' hot"

Lot of sucky things in this dimension -- Glory in a bubble bath? Not one of 'em. Know what I mean?
Can't really say I would've voted for her there... Definitely beats the vamps, nerds, and primal evils, but I'd say the Mayor/Faith team evil was better villain-wise. Of course I'm strange in that my true favorite villains were all one ep parts (maybe just cuz they didn't have enough time to royally screw up their act) like Zachary Kralik, Holden Webbs, and Sweet.

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