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March 16 2003

(SPOILER) Nathan Fillion interview Cap'n Tightpants discusses Firefly as well as upcoming projects [caution spoilerphobes!].

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"I was heartbroken...when [Firefly] was cancelled, and under suspect circumstances."

How could anyone resist reading about Cap'n Tightpants? ;)
He is just the cutest thing in that pic. sitting there in the Edmonton spring with crab-apple blossoms around him. Agree with him too, FOX screwed Firefly even before reached the screen.
Something I've not seen discussed is the bad press Fox treatment of Firefly created. By not airing the pilot, they not only fucked with the storyline, they also gave the press something to set their teeth in. 'See, Fox dun like it. They won't even air the pilot. It had to be remade.' etc etc. Firefly never got a fair chance. I've seen audience boo and whistle music acts before a note was played just because the papers printed the audience the previous night had done the same. Bloody press.
I wish someone in the press would do the real scoop on this. Not just Firefly but also Buffy & Angel. It looks like all M.E.'s shows are being put on trial right now. My guess is because of how expensive the shows are compared to their projected advertising revenue. Like they've been blacklisted unofficially, because it's no longer politically or financially valid in Television City to produce high quality television for an expensive budget, as there's no way to recoop the losses.

Effectively, all three of Whedon's shows are/were the equivalent of a mini-movie-of-the-week every week. It makes sense that they cost what they do, but networks are now bottom-feeders, looking for quantity television at very low production costs. Then network execs act surprised when more of their audience share switches to cable or tunes out the boob tube entirely.

You'd think John Stossel would do a "Gimme A Break" segment on 20/20 about this, but I guess the guy knows which side of his bread gets buttered. Because if he complained about shows on FOX, the WB & UPN, turning attention to ABCs release of Politically Correct in favor of the brain-dead-on-arrival Jimmy Kimmel Live wouldn't be far behind. Then Stossel himself would again be facing the firing squad. It's maddening.
Eh, I think David E. Kelly became too easy a target, now that even the Practice is officially unwatchable and every new show he puts up tanks (Girls Club, anyone?). The press needed another "wunderkind" to lob grenades at and Aaron Sorkin has been hiding in his office too much; Joss got stuck with the slack.

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