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March 26 2006

That fabulous Fillion. Nathan speaks to his hometown paper about fame, crappy party tricks, Harrison Ford and whether he regrets not becoming a teacher.

Honest as the day is long, he is. He's into the truth of things. Hope that doesn't bite him someday. Hollywood doesn't like truth.

That's a pretty good story, btw, more than I was expecting for a Sun rag.
He wouldn't like Edmonton right now, probably a good thing he is in Vancouver, Edmonton got a record snow fall for this time of the year.

I adore how honest that man is and Drifter I agree I really hope that doesn't come to bit him in the ass later.

One of my friends was actually taught by his Mom. I always tease him that he should've been EXTRA nice with the teacher for when we met YEARS later I could've married Nathan through that connection. *sigh*

Go Edmonton Sun!
Those North Country comments are eerie. Just last night I was telling a friend he should rent Serenity over North Country, because, as my friend Mike has said, North Country is nothing more than a B.O.B. (Blatant Oscar Bid).


Is Mr. Nathan Fillion a telepath?

(This might also explain why the structure of the screenplay I've been working on for three years is so eerily similar to Serenity's. Hm.)
Sigh. I love my Captain. And as a teacher, well, I love Mr. Fillion even more now. . .
Teaching is extremely hard and thankless ... I do my damnedest at my job, but they work a lot harder than I do. I admire them. You have to have a greater understanding of things to be a teacher. Really, where would we be without teachers?

Since I have teachers in my family (including my mom!), I have to say Nathan really *rocks* for always showin' some love to teachers. I'm so with you, GrrrAargh -- I love my captain, too! ;-)
I liked "North Country" quite a bit, though admittedly it could've benefited from at least one reaver fight. (If you think about, reavers are really nothing more than really, really nasty serial sexual harrassers. I mean, like 10x worse than Bill O'Reilly. Okay, maybe just 9 times worse.)

Also, I think the folks up in the Great White North don't realize that Studio City is an actual capitalized-type place if not an actual incorpated city (it's located somewhere between Burbank, North Hollywood, Valley Village, and Toluca Lake -- though it's all basically, the Hollywood-adjacent portion of "the Valley").
Wow, so love the part about Harrison Ford.

And, now that I found out he was in Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place, I have another reason besides my girly crush on Ryan Reynolds to own that series on DVD.
Great interview!

Nice to see that there are people working in Hollywood that genuinely are nice guys.

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