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March 27 2006

Kali "Halfrek" Rocha's "Teachers" debuts this week on NBC. It will air after "Scrubs", Tuesday March 28th. ""Teachers" is no "Scrubs," at least for now, but it has potential."

They added a laughter track to Teachers? Sob.
They remade Teachers? sob.
I didn't know they were doing an American version. This is very bad indeed
It's a loose remake? The first couple of seasons of the UK show were great, I hope the American version keeps those surreal moments that were in the show for no apparent reason.
Like the donkey/pony Simon ? Mental yet great.

Teachers with Simon (Andrew Lincoln's character) was brilliant. When he left it was just OK. When Kurt and Brian left it became pretty pointless, IMO (though I didn't watch many so maybe i'm not being fair). In some ways it was as much lightning in a bottle as The Office (though a totally different show) so i'm sceptical (but then apparently the US Office is pretty good so it can be done).
Yay for the actress who plays Carmen on the L Word appearing in the first ep!
P.S. - I just started watching Grey's Anatomy, and I loved Kali Rocha's guest spot. Buffy alum + flesh-eating bacteria = hilarity
I thought I saw her in the commercial! Kali's always been one of my favorite supporting cast members, and I always look forward to seeing her pop in things. Yay!
Oh dear. More remakes of British shows in which they totally miss the point. *sigh*
Well, let's not be too hasty with the transatlantic remake bash. I think it's less a question of missing the point, and more a matter of (rightly or wrongly) deciding that the show needs to be translated for the American audience. Hence some of the changes to the US Office, which is quite well-regarded here. BTW, here's a handy guide to remakesville.

That doesn't excuse any of the Fawlty Towers remakes though.
God I loved that donkey. Stopped watching after Brian and Kurt left. You know, if I'd shipped back then I'd have shipped those two. In fact I think one episode did.
UK Teachers got canned after series 4 for poor ratings - mainly because basically the entire cast left during season 3. Note to UK TV producers: sign your cast for multiple series.

I'm not willing to slag off this version (uhm, yet). The proof will be in the pudding. An awful lot of people trashed the US version of the Office (many without having actually seen it...), but that's gone on to do quite well.

Has anybody ever seen the American pilot of Red Dwarf? Oh my good fucking god.
Oh, wow, interesting link SNT. They remade Porridge ? How could that possibly end well ? I think Ronnie Barker was as talented and unique as Cleese and actually very Whedon-ish in his playful way with language ('Four Candles' anyone ?). Guy loved words.

I dunno though, often there does seem to be some point missage e.g. Men Behaving Badly goes from zeroes to heroes and I think to some extent this is just a matter of national character (whoosh, that was a sweeping generalisation zipping past, whoosh, here comes another one ;). Brits tend to celebrate losers, especially magnificant losers, rightly or wrongly Americans tend to see them more as just plain losers (Wesley is, IMO, one of the most British characters ever written - and played - by a non-Brit).

Course, that's also sort of translating for the US audience's preferences and generally I reckon if it works, fine, otherwise it's missing the point ;).

Not seen the US Red Dwarf. Didn't Terry 'Dax' Farrell play Cat ? I can only imagine the meeting over that one. Can we make it Pinker ? And less jokey ? Also, about the space setting ...

(and Brian and Kurt were a really excellent TV couple, hetero or otherwise, those guys loved each other)
Count me in on the stopping watching when Brian and Curt left (after s3). I didn't think it was a good without Simon but once they'd lost pretty much all the original cast it was dead to me :) (the fact that the adverts made it look terrible help with this choice).
It was announced today that there would be an American pilot of the UK series 'Life on Mars'. I adore the show and think it's the best new series in years. It'll be interesting to see how it will be changed for US telly.

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