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March 27 2006

Another wonderful Spuffy photostory. The artist who brought us "Wrecked" and "Smashed" performed by action figures now brings us "Dead Things".

If you enjoyed the earlier (and now sadly offline) action!figure photostories, you will adore this one! Warning - naked plastic-on-plastic action.

Oh boy, some people have way too much time on their hands--but I absolutely love it.
Humpa humpa humpa!

Aw man, I wish I could see the "Wrecked" and "Smashed" ones now.
Door of Sex. Funny stuff.
Just a tip, it'd be better to have a plain link to the entry,, instead of the current link which goes to a comment anchor and adds a style parameter.
Spuffy acrobatics....heeee...door of sex.....priceless. Wish I was this creative, and I'll bet the creator is very glad that these action figures are so uhhhhmmm...flexible.....
LMAO I love 'em! Buffy fans are too creative sometimes... ;)
Thanks for the tip, KernelM. I've edited accordingly now.
I especially loved the balcony scene. Fandom has had some pervy hilarious discussions about how they did what we were suppose to think they did.
Bwaahahahaha! *snort*

You know, I think I miss Spike's incredible totally bendy penis most of all...

*rustle, rustle, humpa-humpa-humpa*

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