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March 27 2006

Make a Date with James Marsters. The only US convention for James Marsters this year will be held in Los Angeles in September.

offers a touch of romance

This made me giggle for some reason.
Finally I can see him in the city where we both live! Can't wait.
"offers a touch of romance"

Well, so long as it's only a touch, I don't suppose restraining orders will be needed, Simon ;-)
* mortgages the cat*
Now that I've stopped giggling, this is the first JM convention of its kind in the US isn't that right? I seem to remember some envy from American posters that the UK was getting all the action.
Hmm...but will he be singing? Or at least doing a bit of play-acting? Cuz ya'll Brits shouldn't get it all! :~P

"James Marsters and Friends"...I don't know why, but I see puppet Angel sitting on James' lap. And I love it.
"this is the first JM convention of its kind in the US isn't that right?"

Yes, and organised by the same people as Halloween and Words & Music, so maybe some of Rogue's wishes will come true.
Damn...I wish I could go to these things....maybe there will be a DVD of this one too....
Come on James...whats wrong with the East Coast??????
I won't be able to make this one either, but I'm happy for those who get to see James in person. I hear he's a real treat.
YES! James at a convention, in the US. I could afford one big trip this fall. Oh, wait... my sonís wedding is in Michigan in September. Hu-m-m-m, I wonder if heíd change the wedding date to the following year. Or maybe elope. Probably not. Looks like Iíll miss James, again (cries, pitifully).
I'm sorry.

I got "date with James Marsters.. excitement.. romance.. paid weekend" (and something about "lots and lots of touching"?) and next thing I know I'm in my bunk, tangled in wet bed linen.

Ahem. So. He's going to be doing what exactly?
My cat's already mortgaged, so seeing James live again just isn't in the stars for me and anyone else on the east coast with mortgaged cats.
I'd mortgage my cats, but I don't think I can get anything for them anymore. Sigh.
I had to have my cat put to sleep a couple years ago, so no option there. Also, busy year for traveling...especially considering the "broke" factor. It is definately the Northeast or no JM for me.

Where are we in pilot season? The timing of this announcement, as vague as it is, seems a little odd to me. Of course, since I don't know much about anything most things seem a little odd to me.
What I really want is to make a date with James Marsters every week on my tv screen. In the meantime, I guess I've got some travel plans to make.
My fear is that it will be Sept. 2 and 3 and will conflict with Dragoncon in the United States and SFX in Canada.

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