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March 27 2006

Stylin' Online licenses Serenity T-shirts. Bit of an odd situation as I'm sure Hot Topic also produce licensed T-Shirts, but hey, I'm not complain'. Apparently they have more on the way.

I like the buddha shirt. It's something I could imagine wearing to my weekly volleyball training. It's also not overtly fannish, which is a plus to me. Hmmm. Considering it.
I think they're made by Ripple Junction and distributed by outlets such as Stylin' and Hot Topic:

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I wish they had the Buddha shirt as a baby tee.

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Yup, looks to me like it's the same "Serenity" logo tee that Hot Topic is carrying. I bought mine at H-T, and it's the same shirt brand. Seems to be of good quality, too - and I'm picky about that kind of thing, having been in the shirt printing business for the last 25 years... :)

This looks like a win-win for us; if Hot Topic is out of stock, check Stylin' Online, and vice-versa. More people carrying the goodies = more Browncoats, which in turn means more people want to carry the swag, and... well, you know the rest!

PS: I really want that Buddha tee.

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