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March 28 2006

Casting news and plot details for Tim Minear's pilot 'Drive'. Tantalising hints about which direction the show will be taking.

Maybe she has English family.
Plus, it's teenage Violet.

Looking at the rest of those projects, though, I just went, "Uhhh." They all sound like boring, unoriginal craporamas! :-(
Fascinating! I hope it gets picked up.
Hmmmm ....

Didn't Joss mention something about Violet a while ago?
Violet, for those who aren't as obsessive as - well - me, Jay Wee mentioned Violet a while ago in the context of Goners. I doubt it's any (business) relation, though - Drive is a 20th Century Fox production, Goners is Universal.

By the way, Emma Stone as in 'arry Pottah Emma Stone?

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Yeah, I think that was in relation to Goners, right? (Ah, I see gossi confirmed it, so it must be true ;-))

Anyway, still not very psyched about the premise. I keep telling myself its new Minear, so it's bound to be fun, but the whole race thing (I know I'm a guy, but cars are boring and racing is probably one of the only things more boring than cars :-p) is not doing it for me. Ah well, still gonna watch it though.

Reading the rest of these pilots, I have to agree with billz. Also: how many more shows about lawyers can we have? Jeez! Did see two slightly promising shows though: 20 questions (mid-level state department staffer gets mixed up in conspiracy), Jericho (small town in kansas dealing with life after nuclear blasts destroy most of America's big cities). Neither is exactly original, but these are shows I could imagine watching if done right.
Didn't Joss mention something about Violet a while ago?

Sigh. So much for people getting my subtle references.
Actually, I knew that.

Just doing my best to churn the rumour mill. ;)
What the hell does "Must Be Legal To Play 15" mean?
I'd guess 'legal' as in age of consent ? Maybe there's some slightly racy (ahem ;) character requirements.
"By the way, Emma Stone as in 'arry Pottah Emma Stone?"

Do you mean Emma Watson?
I do, of course, mean Emma Watson. Colour me idiot.

For some reason doing this Google search confused me.
Insanity. Google, why have thou forsaken us ?

(she's only second if you put either 'Emma actress' or just 'Emma' in. Hope her ego can take it. So these Harry Potter films, popular are they ?)
In all honesty if I didn't know Tim was involved based solely on that description I wouldn't be interested.
I second that, war_machine. It sounds...not to my liking. But I will check it out if it gets picked up, because Tim Minear is awesomeness.

But Jericho sounds pretty intriguing.
Remember that description is more than likely a very small detail of the show. Once more casting info/sides get released, we'll see the big picture.
Strange. Not at all what I was expecting at least. But I guess I learned a long time ago that little descriptions never did Whedon and Minear shows any justice, so I'll be keeping an open mind.
Joss made a remark that Violet was not ultra, or somesuch. I took it as an offhand comment that the movie UltraViolet was opening that weekend and that it kind of sucked.

Everyone else seems to think that he's talking about a person named Violet in Goners. I don't see it.
Though I can't remember what he said, I do remember being more impressed with TM's description of the show on an Instapundit podcast a while back (i've included the link though it seems down at the moment).

Must confess though, of the US pilots i've heard about 'Heroes', 'Ultra' and 'Jericho' sound more interesting to me from what we know so far (i'll be watching Drive but, as others mention, mainly for the Minear connection).

I'm also morbidly interested in 'Union Jackass' to see if it can knock 'Billy' off my current top-spot for Worst Use of a British Comedian Ever in the World of Everness, Ever.
Goners! Ready to polish after WW is complete. LOVED the speculation on the character Mia's name. Can't wait to hear what you all say about Violet. (Besides the fact that she is not in any way ultra.)

He clearly is talking about something in relation to Goners named Violet.
The basic concept sounds more like a pitch for a movie. Hopefully there is more to it than what is suggested there because i'm not certain that an "illegal cross-country road race" is enough to keep me interested. Still, wait and see.
I don't know if it's helpful, but Drive is no more a show about a race than Firefly was a show about a spaceship, or LOST is a show about a plane crash. It's just the thing that brings in the peril and allows each character's story to unfold.
What the hell does "Must Be Legal To Play 15" mean?

I'm guessing it has more to do with the filming than with the role itself. If you're an actor and actually a minor, you're only allowed to work so many hours a day, which I imagine can be a problem on something as tightly scheduled as a TV show. And it's not like teenagers aren't ever played by older actors, right?

I agree with most everyone that the description doesn't really do anything for me. Only the three words that go 'by Tim Minear', but that's really enough for me, especially with the new Inside eps airing now and honestly creeping me out every week.
To me it sounds like a good band name.
For anyone who may still be wanting to look up the actress who isn't having any luck, her name is actually Emily Stone - the Futon Critic got it wrong for some reason.

As for the show, I'm looking forward to it - the recent airings of The Inside have me wanting more Minear stuff.
Btw, how many episodes of The Inside are there? My friend is trying to find them and would like to know.
There are 13 - 10 have been aired so far.
Well, Drive sounds interesting. Jericho too.
I was interested in a Kevin Williamson zombie script, with good reviews on Ain't It Cool, but seems that it hasn't been picked up.
Epguides lists 13 episodes with 6 unaired, although i assume that refers to it's original run in the States.
New Minear, that's all I need to know. Hope it gets picked up.
Did anybody else notice Christopher Wiehl listed as part of the cast of "Community Service"? Though his presence isn't quite enough to make me want to watch the show...
"Legal to play 15" probably means they want an actress over 18 to play 15 - given that child actors can only work a certain number of hours a day, a main in a series would need to be available for as many hours as the production needs them.

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