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March 18 2003

(SPOILER) Will there be a season eight? "The future of the Buffyverse has yet to be decided." This neato table breaks down what the public knows in a concise and grappling manner. Though on the verge of being dated material, it's a great summary of the present rumor & specs.

Okay. So technically it would be "season one" of a spinoff. IF there's a spinoff. This table details what many of us know in bits and pieces, but it's nice to see that someone's managed to organize all the rumors and principal soundbytes in such an easy to manage manner. After reading it, you'll come to the same conclusion I have, which is: "I just don't know." It's just endless fun trying to figure it out.

Les Moonves' statement is indicative of the network suit attitude towards shows like M.E.'s efforts. Networks seem hellbent on killing the BuffyVerse franchise, because it costs more than it makes, but if Whedon can prove to some influential suits that he can maneuver the franchise into something less expensive that can engender a wider audience, there might be another season. Some of the principals would be willing to jump on board the new ship, provided Whedon was helming it.

We can also assume up front that somehow, Anyanka is going to die or otherwise cease to be. Emma Caulfield wants out regardless of what happens next year, so hopefully Anya will get a big sendup in the finale. They probably will not kill off Giles, to keep their options open for the potential two hour movie RIPPER. They won't kill off Buffy, cuz they've done that twice already, but they'll write her out somehow. I'm gambling they're gonna turn her evil.

Whedon's "not tired of the universe" so the BuffyVerse WILL continue somewhere, in some incarnation. Whether or not it'll happen by this fall is hard to say. Time will tell if it comes back next fall, as Angel, Faith, Willow, or what have you. Personally I think there's enough meat here to fill an entire week schedule of prime time television. ABVN: The All BuffyVerse Network. Unfortunately, only about five hundred people would tune in religiously.

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