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March 28 2006

(SPOILER) "This guy deserves to be a major star." So says David Germain of Nathan Fillion in an Associated Press review of Slither.

Nice review!

I'm seeing Slither this weekend (possibly with my ex-girlfriend, which is just so totally awkward)...and this review makes it sound much cleverer than it looks. Because to be honest, based solely on the trailers and promos, I wouldn't be seeing it if it didn't sport my cap'n.

But here's to hoping it's a pleasant surprise!
I've heard from many non-horror fans that this movie is a hoot. I haven't seen a horror movie since being scarred as a child by Evil Dead (Does Shaun of the Dead count?), but I am seeing this one.
I would count Shaun of the Dead as horror. Parts of it were actually pretty gruesome and scary.

And I could DEFINITELY see how The Evil Dead could scar a child...though I do love it myself...
I love Nathan. But I'm not sure even that deep and abiding admiration can drag me to this one. I'm just not a horror fan. It's the one genre I stay far, far away from. The last one I can remember seeing was Scream, and even though it was a spoof it terrified me. As did the Exorcist. Frankly, it's going to be a push to even go see the horror movie my husband is acting in. Sorry Nathan! I'm sure it's great, but I'm holding out for something less slithery....
The Vancouver (BC) Browncoats will be turning out in force to see this opening night, just to see our Captain on screen once more. He is currently in town filming "White Noise II". acp, I don't like horror either, but am watching "Shaun of the Dead" this week in preparation. I've seen the trailer for "Slither" and the behind-the-scenes featurette hosted by Nathan, who is hi-larious as usual. BTW, what film is your husband in. may I ask?
I'm with you acp. Heck, even the stills from Slither grossed me out, so I'm just not going to see this. Stomach turning visuals do not equal fun for me. I do hope it's a succes for Nathan (and I've never read this many reviews about a movie I'm not even going to see), but other than that: nope. No gory horror flicks for this fellow ;-).
I'm not a big fan of straight-up horror films -- I don't go to the movies for the cathartic feel of getting my adrenal glands a work out or to be creeped out, but I adore (ADORE) zombie movies, esp. ones in which there is a great dollop of humor and sly social commentary. If this movie is a tenth as good as Brain Dead (my favorite of all time, by Peter Jackson pre-LotR) or Evil Dead (esp the second one), I will be happy.
I was always a fan of Army of Darkness and the Evil Dead movies but for I wouldn't have called myself a fan of horror films. I was under the impression they had to be crap to be entertaining. That changed when 28 Days Later came out. Since then I've been slowly devouring every horror movie I can find that peaks my interest. Truthfully even if the captain hadn't been in this I still would have been interested. The fact that he is in it is just the icing.

Oh and Shaun of the Dead is truthfully one of my favorite movies of all time. I would classify it as a horror movie but that would probably be an insult as it blends genres so well, much like a certain television show we are all so fond of. It's a romantic comadey with zombies... it's a romantic zombadey.
Or rom-zom-com (as I think they coined it for Shaun ;). Yep, truly excellent little film. Anyone who hasn't seen it is in for a treat and anyone who has, and liked it, should track down 'Spaced' a great UK alt-comedy sitcom (alt-sit-com ?) from about 5-6 years ago made by and starring many of the same people but with fewer limbs being ripped off. Comedy fried gold.

I tend not to like horror movies that are exploitative (not taking the moral high ground, I just find them very unpleasant to watch) or take themselves too seriously so I thought Evil Dead was a bit much in places (and I probably watched it too young) but ED2 and Army of Darkness were pretty entertaining. Liked 28 Days Later (anyone know if they're still making a sequel to that ?), thought Dawn of the Dead (remake) was pretty good right up until the credits (no doubt that'll sound bizarre unless you've seen it) which felt like a minor betrayal and really liked (and was genuinely scared by) 'The Descent' - which, exception provily, takes itself very seriously - about 6 women that go caving in (I think) the Appalachians only to find that they are not alone. Muhahahah. Only not cheesy like I made it sound.

So i'm really looking forward to Slither and i'm open to recommendations in the same vein.
Always good to see a shout-out for Spaced, which is one of the best shows of all time. Period. No arguments :) Loved the Evil Dead flicks... will see our dear Captain in his new flick soon, I am sure.
Strange, horror doesn't faze me in the least. Open Water scared me, though.

I'm definitely going to see Nathan this weekend!
Horror i'm fine with. Romantic comedy or anything featuring Jennifer Lopez? I run a mile!

And don't even ask about romantic comedies starring Jennifer Lopez. That is just beyond the limits of decency as far as i'm concerned. :)
I just hope Slither is more successful for Nathan Fillion than Supernaturals was for Nichelle Nichols. Oh. You don't remember that one do you? See? That's my point.


Shaun of the Dead rocked. Evil Dead? Rocked. Horror films in general are often cool, especially the really bad ones because they're funny. Those of you afraid to watch horror films? ..well duh! They're horror films! You're supposed to be afraid. That's the point. That doesn't mean you DON'T watch them. That's like saying you won't ride a carosel because the horses aren't real. Of course they're not real. It's a carosel!

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I don't know if I can see this or not. I got grossed out by some of the creepy crawlies in King Kong -- where I saw my cap'n in the Slither trailer! I have to admit it looks really funny but I honestly don't know if I can handle the ookiness. Nathan looked awesome on the big screen, of course. I hope to read more positive reviews of his performance. Peter Jackson's King Kong worth a looksee on dvd rental?
You're supposed to be afraid. That's the point. That doesn't mean you DON'T watch them.

I think it's just a taste thing, ZM. Some people love horror films, some of us abhor them. Hence: we don't watch them. I have a particular loathing for slash-and-gore and creepy-crawly ones (hence the reason I'll stay away from Slither). And - despite all the love I know they get from everyone else I don't like zombie movies either. Though I did promise my husband that I would one day watch Shaun of the Dead.
samatwitch, the movie my husband is starts shooting next month, and I don't yet know what the final title will be. But it deals with a military base and some sort of mutant organism. As I said, watching it will be a test of spousal loyalty....
"Those of you afraid to watch horror films? ..well duh! They're horror films! You're supposed to be afraid. That's the point. That doesn't mean you DON'T watch them. That's like saying you won't ride a carosel because the horses aren't real. Of course they're not real. It's a carosel!"

No, it's like saying, "I won't ride a carosel because it makes me feel like I am going to throw up." ;-)
I really hate horror movies as well but I have to say I just saw Shaun of the Dead this weekend and loved it.

Of course on a TV screen as opposed to movie screen helps, also my daughter who had already seen it told me when not to look.

Yeah I'm still a big wuss.

I watched both the Exorcist and Jaws on a 9 inch black and white Tv and felt pretty brave. Not scary at all!
acp, we'll have to have a release party for your husband's flick when it comes out.

(and, LOL, Primeval)
I enjoy certain kinds of horror movies, especially if they cross over into sci-fi or outright fantasy (Alien, The Abyss). Shaun of the Dead was fantastic, and I loved 28 Days Later. The whole occult/psychological horror genre (Rosemary's Baby, The Omen, The Exorcist, Boys of Brazil) has always been a favorite, as opposed to sheer gross-out ventures, which is one of the main reasons why I've never gotten into teen/slasher films (though the spoofs are hilarious).

Bugs and worms are also off the menu *gag*. I have a very vivid imagination that tends to seize on certain types of imagery from movies, TV and photographs, which come repetitively flashing back into my brain until I'm made physically ill -- sometimes years after the initial impression. The less I subject myself to these things, the better. Despite intellectual arguments to the contrary, my brain decides these images are real and my body reacts accordingly.

Which means I won't be going to see Slither, but I hope it makes a buttload of cash for Nathan. I have a a horror-impervious friend who's going and he'll be able to describe it for me in great detail, sans visuals. Since there are so many horror lovers out there with stronger constitutions than me, I'm expecting Slither to ooze its way to the top of the weekend box office with no trouble.
Shaun of the Dead is awesome, but having never seen its predecessors, ACP, you might not get some of the humor. There's injokes regarding the Tom Savini franchise and other things.

However there's also a lot of other stuff going on that you will get, both funny and heart warming. Shaun of the Dead is a sorta day-in-the-life status quo that just happens to get interrupted by dead people walking around chewing the set. In fact it could very well be seen not as a horror film, but a romantic comedy that gets waylaid by a horror film.

It's as much a situational comedy (NOT a 'sitcom' but a situational comedy in a more true usage of the term) as it is a horror film. There's moments that are heartfelt and human despite the carnage and chaos. It deals with the same question I've seen in previous horror films: what would normal humans do in this extraordinary situation? It's just that SotD does it better.

...I didn't like 28 Days Later, because it was Sean of the Dead without the humor and without any believability. I just didn't buy the actions of any of the characters in 28 Days Later. Whereas although SotD is supposed to be more outrageous, it actualy breaks the realm of disbelief less often making for a more enjoyable film. 28 Days Later just annoyed the crap outta me by the end of it and every time I think it's over? It just keeps going on and on. It just didn't know when to end, very much like zombies themselves. And the actual ending of the film leaves one unsatisfied. Whereas Sean of the Dead? Without revealing it, I found the whole film very satisfying including the ending. I'd have to say SotD is definitely in my top 100 best of all time. 28 Days Later? I want those two hours of my life back.

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...I'm mildly surprised to learn there are fans of Whedon's work who HAVEN'T seen Shaun of the Dead. I mean both Whedon & Wright tend to cater to the same audience, don't you think?
I hope it makes a buttload of cash for Nathan

Wiseblood, is that a metric or imperial buttload ? ;-)

I'm way less into gory pictures than I used to be though I still enjoy them if there's a bit more to it or like Braindead they're so over-the-top they're funny (intentionally in that case but it doesn't have to be on purpose). It's realistic gore i'm not a huge fan of so i'll be avoiding Hostel for instance and haven't sought out Saw 2 though I might watch it if it came on telly.

Zachsmind I always thought 'sitcom' was short for 'situation comedy'. Have all those episodes of 'Terry and June' dulled my brain or are you making a distinction i'm not aware of ? (if you've never heard of them, trust me when I say I wish I had that kind of luck ;).

I'd say there's a lot of Shaun/Spaced fans who are also Whedon fans though i'm not sure if it works the other way around as much since Spaced was bigger in the UK (I think) and even then was sort of a cult success and Shaun's gore and horror premise may put some people off. Though Buffy is sometimes described as horror (and has genuinely creepy moments) its TV setting makes it horror-lite so to speak so people put off by 'hard-core' horror could still enjoy it.

I think your way of looking at SotD as a romantic comedy that's been waylaid by a horror movie is spot on though it's a lot more down to Earth than the Richard Curtis style fairy-tale London rom-com (even though I enjoy some of those too, does that mean I have to hand my Y chromosome back ? ;) and I would really say to people who don't like horror to give it a chance, just be ready with a handy cushion or handy, err, hand to hide behind at the gory bits because there's a lot more to it than that.
Zachsmind, While watching Hollywood Squares as a child I had an epiphany. I realized that anytime a question started with something like the phrase, "Has a human being ever..." the answer is "yes." I doubt that Whedon fans will be any different. When the beginning of the question is "Is there a Whedon fan who has/has not..." the answer is "yes."

Shaun of the Dead is apparently a British film from 2004!! For me that is a new release. Give a girl some time! The fact that it is a horror movie and I am thinking about watching it at all because of what has been said by people on Whedonesque is just a tribute to my opinion of the people here...because I hate horror movies.

I think it is rather interesting how many people here are expressing a dislike for horror movies considering that BtVS and Angel are considered part of the genre. I wonder if Joss relizes how many of us love them in spite of the scary/yucky stuff rather than partially because of it.

On a related off topic, I have been watching Cracker on DVD, I am waiting for Xenocide to come into the library and if I can get a chance to find the thread where all the specific graphic novels (that phrase sounds like a euphamism for "just this side of pornography") I will get my reference librarian to borrow them from another town's library all because they were recommended by folks here. That is over and above checking out VM, House, Deadwood and Arrested Developement, some of which I liked and some of which I did not, but all of which I respected. Thanks guys.

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I know I'm joining pretty late, but my vote on horror is for the ones that blend in humor, like Shaun and ED (which is still pretty scary in parts). By that count, Slither should work for me. The only horror films I just can't stand are the torture ones (which we've talked about on other threads), like Saw and Hills Have Eyes and so on. So, humor + horror + Nathan Fillion = must see Slither! ;-)
Saje: "are you making a distinction i'm not aware of..?"


A modern day "sitcom" is a television series that lasts usually 30 min with commercials. It features hastily written scripts with formulaic repetitive jokes and is timed almost like a science, often being filmed before a studio audience which is told when to laugh and applaud by lighted signs just off camera. It is not an artform so much as a craft, based on years of scientific analysis for what works. The idea of it being a comedy based on a situation has become tertiary to the actual financially solvent product which is released.

A true situation comedy is a comedy based on a situation. Normal people in an extraordinary situation. The usage of the two words together has been watered down thanks to the success of television in the past fifty years. This is why I make a distinction between "sitcom" and "situation comedy." Sitcom has become a word in and of itself that doesn't necessarily mean the same thing as the two words "situation" and "comedy" utilized in the same sentence. Not that I'm bitter. *smirk*

I also have similar concerns about the usage of the two words "reality" and "television" in the same sentence.

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I think it is rather interesting how many people here are expressing a dislike for horror movies considering that BtVS and Angel are considered part of the genre. I wonder if Joss relizes how many of us love them in spite of the scary/yucky stuff rather than partially because of it.

I've often wondered the same thing, newcj. I'm always having to explain to people that BtVS isn't really horror in the classic sense of the word, and that I love it even though I'm not by any stretch of the imagination a horror fan.
There was an interview on here recently with a former Buffy alum (Charisma, maybe?), saying that some upcoming project should really appeal to Buffy fans because it had zombies and monsters and stuff in it. And I thought, wow, she has no clue why the majority of Buffy fans tuned in and obsessed over that show week after week. It definitely wasn't just 'cause of the zombies and monsters and stuff, at least not for most of us... My guess is that there are a good number of fans like me for whom the horror element was an obstacle to be got past rather than the reason we tuned in.
"I'm always having to explain to people that BtVS isn't really horror in the classic sense of the word..."

In fact I hazzard to say that SotD is no more or less horrific than BtVS. It is of course more bloody, but that's just because it's a film and not a tv show. If BtVS were ever to jump to the silver screen, I imagine it would become as bloody as SotD. Just like the mule in Firefly became a hovercraft in Serenity.

I guess this boils down to whether or not a fan of Buffy/Angel just doesn't like gore. That'd be the only reason a fan of Whedon's work wouldn't naturally migrate to Wright's effort in the same category of horror comedy adventure romance etc.

Get over it.
It's funny.
Rent it tonight.
Thank me in the morning.

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I guess this boils down to whether or not a fan of Buffy/Angel just doesn't like gore. That'd be the only reason a fan of Whedon's work wouldn't naturally migrate to Wright's effort in the same category of horror comedy adventure romance etc.

Nail on its head. That's exactly why I won't be watching either SotD or Slither ;-).

Also: yikes @ Giant Red Letters[tm]
It looks better in red.
With respect to Shaun of the Dead, - and acp, newcj, GVH, I personally guarantee that you will love it, and there are very few movies I feel confident enough about to say that, - I think Whedon fans would be attracted less by the gore than by Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright/Jessica Stevenson's wacky sense of humor and wordplay, as well as Edgar's bravura direction and editing style, evidenced in both SOTD and Spaced.

'Course, Spaced has never been, and likely never will be, released on DVD or shown in the U.S., which would explain its relative anonymity here. Those of you with a region-free player, check it out.
...And for you UK script writer people here, writing a spec script for Spaced? Heaven. Whatever wacky things you want to do, you can do it - and the more you reference other pop culture things, the better. I mean, they had Tim praying to the alter of Buffy. I once wrote a spec script which had Tim roleplaying as Spike...

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gossi - any chance of you posting a link to your script on Flickr or the white? Tim playing Spike would be unmissable. I'm guessing Mike usually plays Buffy. And out come the Spaced vids again...

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