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March 29 2006

Wentworth Miller's "Prison Break" is renewed for second season. Will they still be behind bars or will they finally run free when season 2006-2007 comes forth? Wentworth played Gage in the Buffy episode 'Go Fish'.

Wonder if Marti Noxon is still involved in the production team of the show.

I've added a bit about who Wentworth is to your subject line, just in case people were wondering.
Not sure what to make of this series yet. I'm still on the fence as to whether i even like it or not. It's not often that i come across a series that i am so undecided about. It's like i feel like i should be enjoying it but i just can't quite see what it is that i'm meant to be enjoying. Strange.
It's like i feel like i should be enjoying it but i just can't quite see what it is that i'm meant to be enjoying.

I feel the same way about Terry Pratchett books. I haven't seen Prison Break but it seems to be one of the very new shows that have any form of critical acclaim this season.
I think that is where my confusion is stemming from, Simon. All i hear is good things about the show so i watch expecting greatness when all i see is mediocrity. It's not a terrible series, by at means, but it just doesn't live up to the hype that surrounds it either. I'm probably just expecting too much.

And, regarding the Terry Pratchett thing. Agreed.
I was actually watching Go Fish and I made the realization who Gage was.

As for Prision Break, I saw the first two episodes and then missed a few and didn't want to watch the rest without knowing what was going on. I could just see how easy it would be of those shows to constantly tease with no payoff. I just couldn't see myself sitting aroudn waiting to see if someone actually escapes.
I quite enjoy Prison Break though i'd say it hasn't achieved greatness yet and may never do so since it feels very plot driven at the moment without enough good character stuff. I really like heist movies though (anyone seen 'Inside Man' ? Pretty good with some trademark Spike Lee character interaction but maybe not quite as clever as it thinks it is) and PB is a sort of heist movie in reverse.

Missed a couple of episodes though so I may have to, err, pursue their aquisition through alternative channels. Ahem.

Re: Terry Pratchett, however, we're gonna have to throw down. School gates at 3:30, bring yer mates ;). Very funny man, very funny books that range from slapstick to sharp satire in the blink of a sentence and have a humanity that most 'serious' novels can only aspire to, with 'Good Omens' - co-written admittedly - being one of my faves. That said after almost 30 Discworld books they sometimes feel a bit samey so I usually only get every other one, occasionally going back to fill in the gaps.
Good Omens is legendary.

Oh and Prison Break is pretty good too ;)
Happy for him, and possibly Marti Noxon.

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Pastor of Muppets, according to my search in the archives there have been fourteen threads referencing 'Veronica Mars', either directly or indirectly, since the start of 2006.

I haven't been able to make much connection with 'Prison Break' and so have not been watching, but I'm very happy for everyone involved that it is getting a second season. Sadly, the shows I have been watching seem to be falling by the wayside, but that's the way it goes. Personally, I think there has been no shortage of interesting shows since the end of 'Buffy' and 'Angel', even if they haven't all necessarily lasted for very long.
I have been watching Prison Break. I guess I've seen maybe about ten or so episodes. I find it fairly enjoyable but I'm just never going to be an obsessive about it as I am about Joss' shows or even to the same extent I am about shows like Alias, Lost or 24.

I do think it is entertaining to watch however it does require the suspension of a lot of disbelief and I definitely feel it is more focused on plot and plot twists than well developed characters. However there are a handful of interesting characters who it is worth investing it, and simply for the excitement involved in the rest of it. Wentworth Millar and Dominic Purcell certainly put in very strong performances and I also think Sarah Wayne Callies has a pretty understated but interesting role.

I had to admit I was quite impressed with a recent 2-parter I saw, where there was a riot within the prison, and again the tension and plot was very compelling, although there were numerous plot holes all over the place.

Pastor of Muppets, I think the idea with posting stuff about Joss' alumni is that it does need to be moderated. This is a Joss site so the focus, I feel, should be very much on his work. Sure, important announcements on their work are appropriate, or interviews which are linked with their work with Joss, but if people were to simply post every single piece of news or interview, however distantly related to Joss, then the site would be quickly overwhelmed. I think it's okay to post stuff on VM but I think the problem was that it was becoming almost too frequent at times.
Pastor Of Muppets, as i understand it the reason that Prison Break can be linked to is that it has a regular direct link to the Buffyverse, in the form of Wentworth Miller, where as Veronica Mars does not. It's okay to link to Veronica Mars articles that have direct relevance to former Buffy and Angel cast and crew (such as when Aly or Charisma appear) but not just any old random VM story. That sound about right?
I hope I'm not saying anything too controversial. I'm really not trying to be mean-spirited.

But isn't there a producer on on Veronica Mars connected to the verse. Other than Joel Silver, which should be enough anyway. Nick Marck directed some episodes, I think there may be a couple more connections too.
Again, i would assume that in the cases where a specific episode of VM was written, produced or directed by somebody with a recognisable connection to the Whedonverse then your argument may have merit.

Having said that, from what i've observed here over the years it seems to be mainly the actors and the senior writing staff that get the automatic linkage rights whereas other less well known behind the scenes people don't apply so much.

It's just about using your common sense i guess. If you look hard enough then there are links between the Whedon shows and pretty much any other series you might mention. Doesn't mean that we start posting random X-Files, 24 or Charmed news here though. Actually, there is no good excuse for posting Charmed news anywhere.
Except if it's been cancelled. Then roll out the barrels ...

ETA: Come to think of it, Charmed has been cancelled (or is ending at least). Where's a frikkin barrel when you need one ? ;)

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Well, they keep saying that Charmed is "ending" but i tend to think that "finally put out of it's misery" rings so much more true to my ears.

That is definately the kind of news that makes you want to build yourself a barrel, just so that you can go out and roll it. :)
I have to admit that Prison Break doesn't do much for me, but yay for all Whedonverse alums who do well! "Seinfeld Curse"? *smirks* ;-)

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There will more than likely be a thread about Veronica Mars when it gets cancelled/renewed (delete where applicable). Personally I think it's going to get cancelled but then I thought there was going to be a sixth season of Angel.
Only because you believed Kirsten's E! Column, Simon ;)

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