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March 29 2006

Alexis Denisof's 1st episode of 'How I Met Your Mother' to air April 10th. The episode is titled "Nothing Good Ever Happens After 2 AM" will air 8:30pm ET on CBS.

I tried this show again, but I just can't get past the look of a multi-camera sitcom (the harsh lighting, the cheap sets, etc.) and the laugh track or studio audience (or wherever that laughter is coming from) being used to remind me that I am too dense to find something funny and must be prompted to laugh.
That said, Oooh! AlexisAlexisAlexis!!! I'm gonna be a-watchin'!
I've had good things happen to me after 2 AM. Then again, it may depend on how they're defining "good" compared to how I'm thinking of it. ;p
I will most definitely be there -- Alexis as a news anchor! Brilliant!
The best thing that can happen to me after 2am is that I stay asleep.

Anywhoo, looking forward to AD and AA joining with AH!
And how!
April 10th is going to be a busy TV night in my house.

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Very much looking forward to this. I've said it before and I'll say it again: HIMYM is awesome (can I get the inspirational poster please? ;-)) and Alexis being on what has quickly become one of my favorite shows is no bad thing.

Bring. it. on. :-)
Is Alexis guesting in more than one episode, as I read that both Amy and Alexis would appear in the finale. Since Amy isn't listed for this episode I assume they appear together in another episode.
I believe Amy and Alexis will both appear in the HIMYM season finale.
Funny how the listing credit Alexis for Buffy, which he was in about 10 episodes, while he was in about 100 episodes of Angel.

Really curious about how it'll play out.
It's certainly not a great show, but I find the cast so charming that they really elevate it to a level it wouldn't be at otherwise. I'll definitely check out Alexis. He needs to be on TV more often!
Legendary! ;-) Thanks for the heads up about this HIMYM goodness, RavenU.
I was at the Paley Festival panel for the show. They did mention Nick Brendon was on the show, but not that he'll be on the show. He should, maybe as a relative of Lily's.
As for Alexis, I wonder if he may make more appearances as someone who want's to be Robin's "co-anchor" outside of work. This should make Ted more jealous, even if we already know he won't wind up with her
I agree with MindPieces...Alexis DOES need to be on tv more often. So hot...want to touch the hiney ;)
So hot...want to touch the hiney ;)

Raise hand if disturbed, yet somehow not able to stop laughing ;-)

But, yes, Alexis is great and he certainly needs to be on tv more often. Anyone know why he isn't? I mean, it seems like he could get more tv work, but maybe my view of the business is too rose tinted. Still, if you're as talented as Alexis, there's bound to be roles you could play, right? So maybe he's chosing not to? Or something like that?
My wife and I love this show (primarily for Barney!), though admittedly it's not really Emmy material. But who cares? Barney is freaking HIGH-larious.

And as for Alexis... I hereby declare that I'll watch anything he ever does. Ever.
My theory is either he has a reeeally bad agent, or he's scaling back to be supportive and to help Aly focus on her career. Let's not forget, our favorite Wiccan gets PAID for all these...roles.

I'm sure they are living quite comfortably.

OTOH, it could be something that none of us want to even think about. Perhaps he is unhealthy, or has a relative that is, and is looking after them. Myriad things fly through my head, but the tragedy of it is, is less Alexis for us. Greedy us. ;)
Alexis still gets about - he came in and read as a standby for Web on Minear's The Inside, but he was sadly the wrong age for the character.

This is still my favourite show on TV right now. Obviously, it's not actually intellectually going to challenge us, but it's funny, the cast is fantastic and it cares about the characters.
Still, if you're as talented as Alexis, there's bound to be roles you could play, right?

Didn't Nathan say in one of his many Slither interviews something like he still reads for parts with "like 200 other guys"? If he has to fight to get roles (and it's fair to say that Nathan is better known than Alexis), then I'd say it's nothing to do with Alexis's preferences or his agent's ability, just that there's a lot of competition for actors to get roles. *shrugs*
Please, billz. He's stellar. He's probably so far above most of the competition out there, it ain't even funny. And no, it really isn't, because if he is out there plugging away, and getting zip? It's a crime. A felony, in fact.

There has to be something going on, because from what I see? The majority of the actors actually getting the work can't hold a candle to him.
I can't figure it either, this lack of AD in our living rooms. Willowy, you are so right, most of the working actors we see a lot of "can't hold a candle to him." Every minute of his screen time in AtS had me either ROTFLMAO or teary-eyed or, as we say here, "chicken-skin." (Of course, the "working actors" I'm referring to do *not* include any of our 'verse favorites who happen to be working at this time!) And I do not say this just because I, too, "want to touch the hiney." *Blushes furiously. Cleans glasses vigorously. Clears throat. Twice.*

There. I've said it. I feel better now. Anyway, having admitted in more than one post that I am madly in love with JM and think he has more talent than just about anyone extant, I think AD comes in second only to JM. And not just because of the, er, hiney. Of course, even there, JM comes in first.

I have got to get a life. G'night all.
Willowy, I didn't mean to diss Alexis at all, just bring up the competitiveness of the acting profession. There so many films and TV shows where I think the acting is awful, or that one person stands out as really terrible compared to the rest of the cast. I can't guess how these people got these roles. Their looks? Their fame? Did they have a great audition? I'll give you 3 examples, all Jessicas: Biel, Alba and Simpson. Now I totally get how smokin' hot they are, and I'm in favor of that ;-), but I have not ever been convinced by any of their performances. How did they get their first roles -- just because of their looks? We are so spoiled in the Whedonverse because the acting has always been so great, in every single role. And, apparently, more people than I would have imagined are interested in touching Mr. Denisof's hiney. Huh. Well, then, a great actor and a popular hiney. ;-)

BTW, there are also lots of shows I see that I think shouldn't even have been made at all in the first place because they are so awful, but somehow they got made. I'm just saying, I don't think Hollywood is a "meritocracy," and I think lots of people who deserve more work and more success don't get it. Mr. Denisof is just one example.
During pilot season, the average show is going to run through hundreds upon hundreds of actor auditions per character - before they even see the show runners. Most of people who come in will destroy the script whilst they read.

There's a great deal of undiscovered or underused talent in Hollywood, and that's just how it works - it works in JW's favour in terms of things like Buffy, Angel and Firefly (and probably Goners, too). Like I said, your average LA actor is earning something near a temp office worker wage, unless they happen to really break out. Which is why many character actors do it because they love the job.

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