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March 29 2006

(SPOILER) Michael Ausiello posts Brainiac spoilers for SMALLVILLE finale. Also, in another link, Allison Mack (Smallville's Chloe) really really loves James.

Well...if Brainiac is in the finale I think there will be a good chance we may see more of him next season if SV gets season 6. I think it should, and I hope James will make more than a few guest appearences. I am really liking Brainiac.....not more than Spike of course...but hey he's doing a great job as this character.
OMG, does Allison Mack ever love James. So cute.

I agree with you Kathylovesspike, it sounds like he might be in season 6, and I really am enjoying Brainiac.
So, do you think Allison Mack likes James?
So when she says that they "got together" ..........?
"So, do you think Allison Mack likes James?
spikeylover | March 30, 03:03 CET"

Hmmm? That's a tricky one. You know, I think she might. :0) Woman's got taste, that's for sure.

Anyone he works with seem to love him. He's just a big old bucket of adorable I guess.

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Allison sounds just like a lot of the girls I meet gushing over James at Buffy conventions. She and I would get along great!
So what would the "ship" be called? Chrainiac? :D
I like BloŽ. Only coz it can sound a little wrong.
My ideal Smallville episode...

Braniac completely breaks from character and goes, "All right. I've had it to here with this Dawson's Creek faux Superman bullshit. Clark Kent? Time to die, bitch."

And then they have an epic battle that goes on for 30 minutes, at the end of which Braniac brings in Christian Bale's Batman from Batman Begins who promptly shouts, "THIS is how a real superhero screen adaptation should be!" And then BatBale causes SuperWelling's brain to implode...just by saying something smart. Like, not even that smart. Just a little smart.

After that, Braniac and BatBale destroy everyone in Smallville (except for Chloe, just 'cuz she's cute), and as volcanoes explode, fire rains down from the heavens, and Satan laughs nefariously, we slowly, slowly fade out...and then we're on a man's face. This man, he looks familiar. We pan reveal Mal! We're back on the Serenity! He goes, "Well, that was a mighty terrible dream." And then there's James! For no reason other than he needs a job after Smallville's demise! And it'd be cool!

Then the announcer says, "Fuck Smallville! We know you want Firefly! So instead of season six of Smallville...Firefly season two, only on the Crack Whore Network this fall!"

As it goes to credits: "Brought to you by the Joss Whedon Knows Smart TV, and Smallville Was Not Smart TV, So He Singlehandedly Destroyed It Because His Shows Are Awesome Corporation."

Best. Television. Episode. EVER.

(Hmm. And the 2006 Barely On Topic, But Sort Of Award goes to...)
I'd tell you to simmer down, but I'm laughing too hard.
UnpluggedCrazy, I only got one, and only one question.






Does James arrive on Serenity in a box, naked?
UnpluggedCrazy, that would be the asomemest thing ever!!! I would so watch that
Does James arrive on Serenity in a box, naked?

Totally! And wait'll you see the Braniac/River mash-up.

(I would say it involves hot summer [or Summer?] lovin', a battle of psychological smartitude, a cameo by Professor X, water-consciousness, and a band of wild horses riding into the future...but that would, like, totally give away Firefly S2. Which has two working titles: Firefly: Well, It's the Same Damn Generation Because You Canceled Us Last Time or Damn You, Just Watch This Show, We Promise It's Real Good, It's Got Hookers and Explosions and Braniac and Stuff. Or Snakes on a Plane. 'Cuz that title just works.)

[ edited by UnpluggedCrazy on 2006-03-30 10:32 ]
I'll have whatever my evil twin is having. With a straw. ;-)
Unpluggedcrazy, that was funny as all hell ;-). I think we now know what would would happen if Joss and Chris Nolan went to the pub with Miller & Gough and had a few (actually make that way) too many beers.

But remember they're not just hookers, they're Space Hookers. It's an important and unique selling point.
...But you will be the one paying, yes, billz? :-D

And Saje, if Miller and Gough got drunk, I think they would end up confessing, "The only decent thing we've ever done was helping to craft the story for Spider-Man 2!" And then Joss would totally destroy their show and give them positions on the Firefly: For the First Time, Again writing staff.
I knew that Allison Mack seemed like a really smart girl!

Unplugged Crazy, I have read several really excellent Firefly/Spike crossover fics but that...

I have no words.

NickSeng, Spike arriving in a box naked, pure genius.
MA's answer sure makes it sound like Brainiac will be returning if SV gets another season. Hope it's true, JM's guest run has been great fun to watch.

And AM certainly appears to be a very enthusiastic girl with great taste. :)
Well, I guess I'll be watching Smallville tonight. Though I would rather Marsters be on a show I liked better (I really want the Firefly/Spike crossover), I'm just grateful to have him on my television.
I love Allison Mack. I love that Allison Mack loves James Marsters. Whole lotta lovin goin on.

AND, I lurrve Allison Mack's dog, Phantom! Look, LOOK at that big bundle of fluffy wolfy cuteness! I've always wanted a dog like that.. *sigh* allergies.. *sigh*
Allison Mack deserves better than Smallville. I would say the same thing for Michael Rosenbaum but he's simply made to play Lex, no matter how crappy the writing is.

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