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March 29 2006

Universal use Joss quotage for Slither website. Entertainment Weekly have also posted their review. It opens tomorrow in the US.

Gossi, could you just give us the Joss quote, I went to the site and I had to watch scenes from the movie. And it's so not my thang!
Well, this is good! I keep seeing a TV commercial that quotes "Director Eli Roth," which doesn't exactly do the same thing for me as hearing Joss' comments! ;-)
"It's the feel good romance of the year...with horrible slugs in people's mouths.
It was really fun. It's really funny, and very creepy. And slithery."
-- Joss Whedon
"blah. etc." -- Joss Whedon

Hell I coulda said that and I ain't never even seen it yet!
Thanks for reprinting that. I can't get into the site without Flash 8, and it won't install on my computer unless I have OS X, and my computer is too old to use OS X. Until I can find that $1500, I'm relying on you good people to tell me what I'm missing.

"Slither" is the first movie I'll go to a movie theatre to see in 2006.
So I've been watching some tv lately and see alot of trailers for movies coming out this weekend. Ice Age 2. ATL. Slither. Basic Instinct 2. Somehow I don't see Slither doing too well?

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Well, in the horror genre, Slither is pretty clear. That said, there is _no possible way_ it'll open #1 - Ice Age 2 is being given almost 4000 theatres, which is insane. I'd peg #2. Basic Instinct 2 has had very bad reviews (however, it also has Sharon Stone..)
Just checked and Slither is opening in about 1900 theatres.
It almost certainly not open #1, but I'm seeing lots of TV ads and podcast ads...well one podcast ad on The Onion news. I don't think the folks going to Ice Age 2 are going to be considering going to R rated Slither instead. Sharon Stone well, young guys out with other guys...a possibility. Guys on a date, Slither seems like a safer bet. I don't remember what the other movies listed were, and I feel lazy after lunch so that is as far as I'll go.
I'm betting Ice Age 2 will open #1, with Slither at #2, which is respectable. As much as I love Nathan to bits and bits and would like to support his career, every time I see the trailer, I get all shuddery. It's just not my kind of film.

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