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March 30 2006

The CBC reviews These Girls. Have only been reading good things about this film, and here's some more.

Bonus link from the local zine about town.

According to this link:

By contrast, John Hazlett, the writer/director of "These Girls" (screening Sunday), an anarchic Canadian comedy about three emotionally nave women who blackmail a burned-out pot grower (David Boreanaz of "Bones" and "Angel") into sleeping with them while his unhappily married wife works the night shift, has found that the only brutal response to his film has come from fears that American mores may prevent audiences from appreciating its edgy wit. It will be mildly tweaked for its U.S. DVD release.

My advice for US David Boreanaz fans is to buy the Canadian DVD.
There is a lovely visual gag with DB which might well get cut then. And you don't want to miss it. Trust me. Buy the Cdn. DVD if possible.
Lioness, do you have any advice on how to go about getting it? I am dying to see this film!
It is scheduled to come out on DVD May 30th so you will have to wait. But I imagine a store like will carry it.
Thanks! I'll just have to be jealous of all you canadians until then! :)
I'll say. You Canadians get Doctor Who six months before us Americans, now we have to use Canadian sources to get the "uncut" version of These Girls, which I bet is no more scandalous than Basic Instinct 2.

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