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March 30 2006

Joss to attend Equality Now event as Special Honoree, May 15th 2006 in New York City, honoring men on the front lines (in this case, Joss for - well, I think we know). It's a fund raiser for Equality Now, which does very important work.

Tickets online; here. Subject to work etc.

We have witnessed, in the past years, the increasing role of men - husbands, fathers, human rights activists - who are bravely fighting, within their culture, to end violence and discrimination and who are speaking out to ensure that dignity and justice are ensured for all women and girls. We are also honoring men who are committed to social change through the media and film. Joss Whedon will be our Special Honoree at the event for his outstanding commitment to gender equality through film and television.

The list is in formation at the moment and names will go up soon.
This is very tempting even though May is an incredibly full month.
Gossi? What does dancing queen have to do with Joss attending Equality Now? Im trying to see a connection and somehow I can't. Anyways this is really cool, and I would say this is the good stalking kind.
Wait, the tags are supposed to be to do with the article?! Bums.
Well if I make it or not I got my seat. :)
Wake me up when Joss gets to be a special honoree for The Blowing Things Up, Setting Things On Fire, And Otherwise Making Things Look Really Cool and Groovy Foundation.
You mean, like, an Oscar?
Yeah regarding the tags, they are there for a reason so no mucking about with them.
I would never do that. Well, much. Ish.
(To be said with Drucilla voice and inflection.)

But Simon, you know it's hard for boys to follow the rules when Daddy sets such a bad example.

(/Drucilla voice)
Ha. I am not going down in history from telling user 13 what he can't put in his posts.
Joss, you can not come on this website without suiting up, and all posts MUST contain tag abuse (although I started it first, copy cat) and be funny. Unless you are annoyed about something, and then there's no funny, and we know you are upset.

And just pretend my username is huge and yellowy purple. And my name is really Agent Cockamouse.
It's not just the creative imagination he possesses or the stories, characters and snappy dialogue he creates. It's the real life sensibilities of the man himself. I am so proud of our Mr Whedon.
Good idea, Simon. We don't want him to turn into hostile 13. ;-)

I wonder how many minutes I have to decide this before the cheap seats are sold out. Being a combination of cash strapped, fiscally responsible, a Whedon fan and someone who wants to support good causes, is such a downer.
And yes, to actually be serious for 4.2 seconds, Joss' work heavily influenced the way I see women. I grew up with Buffy in my teenage years, and that show literally shaped my pespection of women (I didn't get out much). And that's not a bad thing -- I went out into the world expecting _everybody_ to be strong, emotional people. And I win at poor sentence structure.

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That's better than growing up with TransFormers like me, Gossi (though that was somewhat before my teenage years, admittedly). Aside from Arcee, one female in an entire species, I didn't even know women existed. ;-)

And yay for Joss, who of course totally deserves it. As long as he suits up for the event.
I grew up with Thundercats. Imagine my surprise when I discovered females weren't actually cats.
/set plug but-for-a-good-cause ON

Meanwhile, organize a charity screening of Serenity to benefit the same Equality Now, for Joss' birthday on June 23. Albany and Minneapolis ready. Boston, LA, Portland, and Santa Barbara planning.

/set plug but-for-a-good-cause OFF

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Wow, that is so awesome.
Congratulations Joss!

And, I've noticed a lot of tag abuse on this site, by more people than Joss, and Gossi!
(I kinda love the tag abuse)
No gossi - we women are not cats - but some of us are a bit catty.

Since this is a family site - I will refrain from using the other anology about cats and women
Yeah, let's keep it civil and leave 'Catwoman' out of this.

I grew up with Wonder Woman. Imagine my surprise when I found out aeroplanes weren't see-thru.

(and well done Joss, I really think in however small a way he's helped change a lot of attitudes about girls/women)
Yay! for Joss. He's shaped the way media (and therefore we all, to some extent) view women. They can be strong and heroic. With heels! He's influenced and inspired many through Buffy. I remember reading an article about a young teenage girl who was cornered by three nasty youths who were trying to do Bad Stuff. She said in interviews afterwards that she just thought of Buffy (WWBD?) and fought back until those cowardly b******* ran away. That pretty much makes Joss a hero in my book.
Catwomen... Yes. Halle eating cat food out of a tin was the highlight of her career. (Or not).
theonetruebix, thanks for the heads-up. Road trip to Portland in June!!
I grew up with MASK and had to make do with my bro's action figurines in lieu of Barbie dolls. Let's just say Bruce Sato and Cliff Dagger took on a decidedly feminine cast for me.

Um, anyway, congratulations Mr Whedon! Buffy definitely had a hand in shaping what I thought women/girly girls were capable of in television and hence, oddly, in life. Strength, hidden or wielded, in many sublime forms, was writ on screen and became tangible.

Also possibly explains why "I Know What You Did Last Summer" was almost incomprehensible to me. Mind literally boggled, big mess to clean up, etc.
theonetruebix, thanks for the heads-up. Road trip to Portland in June!!

Well, we're nowhere near having a plan in place here. You might want to just organize one for Washington. ;)

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2006-03-30 21:06 ]
I smell an early 18th birthday present for me. Joss + EN + NYC = :)

I hope more information will be posted soon (ie directions, etc...)

[ edited by MySerenity on 2006-03-30 22:01 ]
MySerenity - you can find directions on
Btw, Gossi, when I raised the issue, I hope you didnt think I was too serious :P. I don't mind the tag abuse personally, just thought I didn't understand some obscure joke and wanted to know if there was a connection. Or were you just taking an oppurunity to call Joss a dancing queen. I thought that was Nathan!
My last memory of Joss is him dancing to Dancing Queen. (He wasn't the only one). Therefore, we need The Tags Of Truth(tm)!
Congrats, Joss! <---- like anyone deserves it more

Did anyone else have Wonder Woman Underoos?
I had a Wonder Woman swim suit!
Great for Joss - Right after my father, the second most important man in my life who believes in strong women.

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