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March 30 2006

Teaser Poster for The Girls' Guide To Hunting And Fishing. The first teaser poster for Sarah Michelle Gellar's new film 'The Girls Guide To Hunting And Fishing'

This image was released a few weeks ago but I thought that I would share it with everyone. =)

Sarah opening a movie. Well done Sarah.
Yeah, it doesn't look entirely like my thing but I hope its a good film and a success for Sarah. She's a talented actress and deserves to do well.
About time SMG got herself some serious top billing. Not really my kind of movie either, going off the description, but i'll probably see it at least once at the cinema, just for the Sarahness.
I'm feeling kind of squicked by the idea of SMG and Alec Baldwin together. It's not Alec Baldwin per se - I happen to think he's developed a nice charm as he's gotten older. But it just sounds weird to think about them playing a couple. And that is my "judging a movie by its poster" moment for today.
Well, the poster was certainly...not what I was expecting.

Just what I was going to say.

I really hope her future movies do well. She's talented and deserves more success in films. She has a nice slate of movies coming up as well, too. I think she's doing a good job of varying her roles gradually from the horror genre since her departure on Buffy - big screen horror movies like The Grudge and Alice to darker themed, but not necessarily horror, Southland Tales and Alice. And now comedy with this one.
I wouldn't read too much into the poster. They didn't have her do a photoshoot for it for example. This picture is photoshopped. Nevertheless it looks like it'll be fun.

Scotto: I wouldn't worry. From reading the book, you're pretty much supposed to be squicked by the whole idea. It's not a couple you're supposed to be rooting for exactly.
I'm not hugely inspired by the poster or the sound of the movie but i'm glad she's getting a variety of roles and she seems to have a run of films on the way so hopefully one'll hit. If it's a quiet period film wise I might pop along and see it (i've got an all-you-can-watch cinema ticket so it won't really cost me anything, otherwise i'd probably think twice).

I reckon SMG is actually being pretty canny about her choice of parts and, more importantly, doing things she wants to do so good on her.
SMG as a book editor? I'm there.
dakoulkid I didnt understand what you mean by Alice, you mentioned it twice? And besides "Southland Tales" she has another movie out which seems quite interesting, "The Air I Breathe", where she plays Sorrow. Im looking forward to that as well.

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kurya - That second Alice was supposed to be "The Return" (woops!), which I think is supposed to be more psychological thriller as opposed to horror.
I just wonder if a lot of people will compare this movie to "Sex and the City", and the relationship between Carrie and Mr. Big. Otherwise, it looks like a nice change of pace for her.
The relationship between SMG and Alec Baldwin's characters is not the main focus of the book(though of course i can't say how it's adapted to film) and is supposed to be seen as an unhealthy excursion.

And aside from the female characters both involved in a form of publishing, i see little similarity between "The Girls Guide..." and "Sex and the City".
I hope it's very successful. She so deserves it. I think she does comedy pretty well. I'm more looking forward to her other current/recent projects, but will likely check this one out eventually.
Sarah opening a movie. Well done Sarah.

SMG has already opened movies and that's not counting the movies not yet released.
Love the top billing. I might just go and see it in the theatre and if not, I'll certainly end up renting it. Here's hoping it does well for Sarah.

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