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March 30 2006

IGN interviews Nathan Fillion. Great in-depth piece covering his acting process on Slither, his affection for Malcolm Reynolds, and of course, his effort to win the role of Wonder Woman.

Joss, please videotape Nathan spinning in your yard and post it here. Thanks.
I think he needs to do a costume fitting so Joss can really see him as Wonder Woman.
Second the videotape idea, maybe with a few different takes. I really want to see where his acting instincts lead him on the spin. Clockwise ? Anti-clockwise ? Just how will he employ his hair and can he use the creative form of dance to convey how soft his hands are ? (and a well fitted costume can only help his performance)

Good interview. I think he'd have been one of those teachers you remember for the rest of your life (assuming he could get the alphabet down of course ;).
I think he needs to do a costume fitting so Joss can really see him as Wonder Woman.

Or he could click on this link.
Simon, that was...scary. But I must agree, we need a video tape of Nathan spinning.
Wow. Must wash eyeballs out with soap. Thanks Simon.
If you think that's scary, do NOT click here (don't say I didn't warn you).

Disclaimer: all God's creatures are beautiful (maybe some more than others).
And, for heaven's sake don't click on this.
uh...zeitgeist that wasnt scary.....
That's the point :) It is hilarious, especially in context of the show (Look Around You, Series 2). It's supposed to be 'scientifically proven to be the scariest image ever created' and was used as part of a weightloss program that scared fat cells into jumping off a person.
"I have no concept of time, I have no concept of dates. If I've got to put something in alphabetical order, I have to run through the alphabet from beginning to end to know what letter comes before which."

Okay, now I don't feel so weird. Thanks Nathan!
Oh gosh, Nathan gets more endearing with every interview I read from him, and combine that with the visceral aura of his charisma up close and personal, he totally needs to be a star. (oh, and his rockin' acting chops too, of course).
Me put under those circumstances, geez man, you best look to someone else.

Yep, sounds like our Captain to me! ;-)

I constantly write and call him about that and I think he simply pretends not to get my messages. If there were to be a sequel, there's not been any talk about it yet, not to me anyway, I mean I'm in and I'm certain everyone else is too. Regardless of box office performance or DVD sales, what I wanted, Firefly was the best job I ever had and a role that I still love. I mean, romantically and sexually, I love the role of Malcolm Reynolds, I love it, I'm married to him, I just dig it and I'm glad that I got that. I have that piece, forever that will be mine.

So, I take it -- he's up for more Serenity? Of course, he's being kind of noncommital about it. ;-)

Nathan *rocks*. This link rocks. It's great, what with all the...rocking. ;-) Thanks, Scotto!
Actor loving his role sexually. That raises interesting epistemological issues.
...but actor harassing his role sexually would be evil and creepy.
Just when I thought I couldn't love Nathan any more...
So disappointed. "Slither" is a no-go at my theater. Even with pretty good reviews, it tanks. I was very surprised to hear my NPR review-gatherer (After all, that's all he is), not even mention Nathan as one of the leads.
But neither can he be blamed!
Sorry, Nate.

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