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March 30 2006

Happy Birthday to Juliet Landau. Bringing us the most insane vampire in the verse and we love her for it. Hmmm, wonder whatever happen to Dru, don't you? She turns 41 today.

Actually, I would like to know whatever happened to Drusilla, and maybe if and when we get that Spike movie, we'll find out.
I also want to find out whatever happened to her. She absolutely MUST return.
Your keyboard to Joss's inbox, impalergeneral.

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Dru had the sexiest vamp!face ever. (What? It's a thing.)
She really did have the sexiest vamp face. There was an eerie elegance to her vamp face.

And yeah, if a Spike movie does happen, I would also love to see Dru make an appearance.
They gave her the face structure of a snake--purposefully to be sexy.
She's amazing. I loved seeing her in Ed Wood.

Happy Birthday, Juliet!
Happy birthday, Ms. Landau! Hope you enjoy the day. :-)

P.S. - Is that your dad who plays the coroner on The Evidence?
billz - If you are refering to Martin Landau, then yes that is her dad and her mother is an actress as well, Barbara Bain.
Went into her parents' profession, eh? Kewl! Thanks for the info, RavenU!
Yeah, Martin Landau and Barbara Bain were stars of the original Mission Impossible series.

Yes, I am that old :(
41? Am I the only one who's thinking "No freaking way?"

In any case, here's to you Ms. Landau. Many happy returns.

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