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March 30 2006

Alan Tudyk offers some icy competition for Nathan Fillion's film this weekend. Alan voices the character Cholly in Ice Age 2 and he may well have the advantage over Nathan at the box office, since it will be the 5th largest release on record, opening on over 3900 screens.

Heh. Basic Instinct 2 will top the box office. It's supposed to be very bad indeed.
Ice Age 2 is the only film this weekend that'll even top $10 million. Of course, it should pass $50m, but still.
For whatever it's worth my daughter works at the local movie theatre and the entire staff has been absolutely dreading the opening of Ice Age for months.

They expect it to be huge! And messy.

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If by "may well have the advantage at the box office" you mean "will beat the living tarnation out of", then yes. *g*
Yay Alan! And, although this does not look anywhere near as good as the original, the way they have been advertising Ice Age 2 and all the theatres it will be playing in -- yes, it will be killing all competition. So I think the real test will be to see what film finishes in 2nd place.

If the only other competition is Basic Instinct 2, then Slither can still do well. Slither will also appeal to people who are not in the Ice Age families-with-kids audience. But, we also thought that nobody would be interested in seeing an early version of Snakes on a Plane with Jodie Foster in the lead, and that didn't turn out too well. :-(

BTW, with Inside Man still in theatres, what a weekend it will be for Serenity alums! :-)
I think that Ice Age 2 looks better than Slither--though I'm doubting it will touch the original--but I'm seeing Slither first just 'cuz of my cap'n.

But it is nice to know that Alan voices a character in Ice Age 2, which I did not know.
Count me in for Slither - I plan to go see it tonight. It will be exciting to see Nathan on a big screen again, and of course the main reason to see Slither is because...I love my cap'n, but it helps that the reviews have been positive.
Alan, I love ye! E-Mail me and we'll talk about which film should triumph. I do work in a ticket booth and can *harumph* theoretically *decide* which films do well. Haa, haaa, haa.
No, seriously, do you want your tickets suddenly shunted to "Shaggy Dog", or do we have a deal?

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