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March 30 2006

Adam Busch's new movie role. He plays Sholem Glickstein in 'American Dreamz'. The clips of him have to be seen to be believed. You can vote for his character as well.

Though god knows why you'd want to. If you haven't worked it out, it's a bad taste piss take of American Idol. Anyhow thanks to loretta for the heads up.

Forgot to mention that I saw him in the previews for this the other week :)
It looks like it might be an amusing rental. Adam's a good actor, I'd watch this for him.
It has the potential to be funny. I sure hope it is. The clips of Adam cracked me up. I'm totally interested. The cast is impressive. I have high hopes.
is anyone esle having the problem of the interview vid linking to the other guy's one and not Adams?
So Adam is winning in the voting (at 48% yay!), and I will definitely go see this in the theater if I can. I'm a big Adam Busch fan.
I'm with April - I loved the preview to this movie, which was off-kilter, bad taste, and loving it. A pretty damn good cast, too. And director Paul Weitz did About A Boy and the first American Pie, both of which I enjoyed.

But it could be a complete disaster.
I didn't know Adam was in this! Damn, now do I have to see the movie? hehe. I liked his clips, very funny.
Oh, man, I've been going to the movies just for the clip of him in the trailer, so I can shriek in my boyfriend's and his friend's ears about OMGWARREN (I tried OMGADAMBUSCH but my boyfriend's friend was like, durr?) I'm such a huge dork. V for Vendetta, awesome film, but me? I was there for the American Dreamz trailer, and stayed for the feature.
Hahaha, wow. It had me at Hugh Grant.

I seriously have that "rocket launcher" rap in my head now. If you'll note, he's winning!

Great cast. I even caught a glimpse of Seth Meyers. Is this an improved-type flick, like Best in Show or A Mighty Wind? I hope so, because Jennifer Coolidge certainly excells in those.

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THAT's Adam Busch?? Holy cow!

I was there for the American Dreamz trailer, and stayed for the feature.

That takes me back. I went to Meet Joe Black and Waterboy solely for the Episode One Phantom Menace trailer. My then wife went to see the films and didn't understand why I wanted to leave after the trailer. I shoulda known then our marriage was doomed. I can't stay married to anyone who actually likes Brad Pitt.

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Did not know Adam Busch was in this. I was going to see it at the Cleveland International Film Festival last week, but it sold out before I had a chance. I really enjoyed Paul Weitz's About a Boy, and with the excellent cast here, it could be quite the fun movie. It could also be a train wreck, because it does not look as solid or balanced as About a Boy, but I will definitely be seeing this come April 21!
Oddly, the 'interview with Sholem' is actually the interview with Omer. Oops!
I was looking forward to this movie based on the trailer and did not recognize Adam Busch at all, weird.
Most of the actors in this are better singers/performers than the people on American Idol.
But c'mon, Caroline...Taylor Hicks!
Not *entirely* convinced by Hicks, though he's probably my favourite this season. He hasn't really shone yet, though.

Adam Busch's character in this thing seems a direct piss take on Elliot Yamin.
Definately NOT a Taylor fan. My dad is cooler on stage! Okay, he can sing but could you honestly see him in concert? For the guys it's Chris all the way from me. He is the only guy in there that has the slightest idea of how to perform like a professional artist. Bucky has all the stage presence of a wet tissue.

For the girls i'd have to say Katharine, but overall i'm rooting for Chris to win this year.
Primeval, I'm with you on the Chris love, but what I like about Taylor is he's not trying to be someone else. He's weird, but unique weird. I really like Elliott, also for being unique, and I like when he sings in jazz or R&B style. The girls are all trying to do a Christina Aguilera impression, or else they are like totally unhip-trying-to-be-hip (they dress like an Old Navy ad!) lounge singers in 16-year-old bodies *coughlisaandpariscough*. I had liked McPhee until this week, when everyone kind of sucked; it was kind of "Salute to Karaoke" week (ooh, how Simon Cowell of me!). I just can't stand that next week is country, as if they didn't already have enough country-ites in this bunch. /AI rant ;-)
I got to see the film a few weeks ago at the HBO U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen and absolutely LOVED it. Just hysterical and spot-on. Adam Busch was effing *amazing*, though I spent the first half of the movie trying to figure out how I knew the naughty Orthodox Jewish singer (thankfully, it came to me before the credits rolled; I'm usually better at identifying people, especially former Buffy-ites).

While Adam is fantastic, the film itself must be seen to be believed. What other film could combine an American Idol-type competition, political satire (including a Dick Cheney-like aide played by Willem Dafoe), and terrorist training camps?

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billz, i'll definately give you that Taylor is being true to himself and he gets my absolute respect for that, not to mention the fact that he has a great voice. My only problem with him is that his unique style doesn't work for me as far as winning Idol is concerned. Having said that, the only winner who I thought actually deserved to win so far was Kelly, and that was four years ago. Bo Bice really should have won last year and would have done so much better than Carrie Underwood has since the show ended. He was just so much more what music needs right now. I would hate to see things go the same way again with this year's winner. Chris is the one "real" Idol in the bunch.
"Okay, he can sing but could you honestly see him in concert?"

Yes. I'm probably your dad's age.

Now can we go back to the topic of this post, please?
"Adam Busch's character in this thing seems a direct piss take on Elliot Yamin."
Caroline, I'm sure this movie was filmed before Elliot Yamin even auditioned for American Idol. Personally I'm a fan of Chris, but I don't think that it is surprising that these 'contestants' in American Dreamz are more talented than the amateurs we see on the TV show.

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