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March 31 2006

Joblo and Arrow interview Nathan Fillion. Another funny and candid interview with Captain Tightpants himself.

Joblo and Arrow both seem to enjoy Nathan's presence very much. And what's not to like?

Great interview. The comic they couldn't think of is called POWERS by Brian Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming. Really well done comic.

I dig the fact that he's a comic book fan. The only group of fans that are more fanatical than Buffy fans are comics fans. (And only by a smige)
Great interview (except it's frikkin Joss not Josh, how many times ... ? ;). The guys knew when to stay quiet and let Nathan do his thang. Not that it is a thang, he's just being nice, genuine him.

Not read Powers but apparently Joss reads it (from his Marvel Spotlight) so I wonder if that was the 'some people' that mentioned it to NF. I've heard a lot of good things about it (and I really liked Bendis' Alias) so I might pick up some trades.
FYI Saje, start at the beginning with Powers. I'd start with, "Who Killed Retro Girl." We are always debating at the comic store about Powers and whether or not it has lost it's edge. (I am from the group that thinks it used to be a much darker series.)
Great to read Nathan's words. He's so cool. So real.

And yes, the third time I read "Josh" it irked me REALLY bad.
The Nathie? You won't get anywhere with me by emulating gossi ;) (changed to Captain Tightpants in the title)

ETA- All kidding aside, we did give gossi grief for making up weird/funny nicknames and using them in post titles, just trying to be consistent.
Ah ok. Didn't know about that. I'll be consistent in the future.

Still think The Nathie is a cool nickname though.
Maybe The Nath ? Or El Natherino (if you're not into the whole brevity thing ;).

Thanks, alexreager, I think i'm gonna put 'Who killed...' on my long term reading list (that's if I ever get through the near and medium term ones ;).
Upon reading the first "Josh" I thought Nathan might have made a slip of the lip like "flan". But then the interview wrote it 2 or 3 more times so it was obvious who was at fault. It's just weird how often people who are doing articles that are genre oriented get it wrong. Wouldn't people with these interests know who Joss Whedon is by now?

I recently read a post where someone said Joss isn't actually Joss' name--that it's a contraction or a nickname or something. But I've only ever seen Joss Hill Whedon as his full name. Anybody else heard this thing about Joss not being his name?
I think his first name is Joseph and then he changed it to Joss as it's the Chinese word for lucky.
Thanks Simon, that's very cool to know
Do you know if he legally changed his name?
I've seen it mentioned a couple of times that it is Joseph Hill Whedon :) Joseph is mentioned more often than Hill, but imdb and wikipedia and (more reliably) have entries which seem to confirm it.
Nathan's full name is Nate Nathie El Natherino Fillion. Now.

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