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March 31 2006

Slither rates a wicked cool 90% fresh at Rotten Tomatoes: Our Captain's first non-Firefly starring role is getting raves from both internet and media critics.

Wow--that's awsome. Go Nathan!
The reviews I've been seeing have been mixed to favorable (mostly favorable), but they almost all single Nathan out as doing a great job. It's really nice to see! This is not my genre at all, but I'm convinced there's enough humor in this one that it'll be worth checking out.
I caught it at a midnight show in Hollywood last night/early this morning. You're all going to ooze love for it. And that our boy is in it is just the beginning of the fun.
Josh Whedon strikes again!

Also, I believe Slither is going to do pretty well. They've definitely advertised for it in the right places, and I know friends who are going to see it because they like the trailer (and not because I told them to go see it). So I can't wait to see what it makes at the box office.
I can't get to RT right now, but 90% is freakin' impressive, assuming all the reviews are actually in, though, knowing print critics, I'm sure the average grade/rating might be relatively modest, call it the genre-handicap, and silly horror films probably get the biggest downward bump.

Nevertheless, 90%--that's nearly a Pixar number. (For comparison, I think the best any of the Oscar films did this year "Good Night and Good Luck" with, I think, about 92%.)
A great review from the little clapping man at the San Francisco Chronicle: There is Life Out There and It's Mighty Gross

Extract (I took the liberty of bolding relevant portions) ;): "Enter our hero, the slow-talkin', tight trouser-wearin' Sheriff Bill Pardy (Nathan Fillion), who sets to saving the planet and keeping the lovely Starla from her husband's mutant clutches. Fillion delivers his lines with a deadpan conviction that does his Malcolm Reynolds role in "Serenity" proud, while Banks' Starla steals the film with her treatise on marital fealty, delivered to a husband-turned-killer squid."
The New York Times (registration required, so I'm not posting the link) had a very favorable review and did indeed single out Nathan for especial praise--hope this is okay, it's just a snippet from the review, and, hey, it mentions the BDM, besides:

The humor tends to skew toward the obvious and goofy, though some of the best jokes are also the more understated, as when the would-be hero chief of police, Bill Pardy (the very fine Nathan Fillion, late of "Serenity")...
Thats cool, but just a note, there are only 40 reviews...usually there are about 100+, I think? By this weekend, the rating will be more accurate as the reviews come in.
Ebert shot it down, I guess none of the characters in the movie drink English tea.
delirium_haze, Ebert doesn't just like pretentious films. He gave ***1/2 to xXx, for God's sake.


Glad to see Slither getting all these glowing reviews!
And he gave some movie called "Serenity" three stars...weird.
Roger's been a little tougher lately, or something. He was about the only critic who didn't give a positive to "Inside Man." Also, it wasn't really a terrible review. He basically just said it a notch down from "28 Days Later."
50% of the reviews are in, and it has 88%. Which is really, really good for a horror film. Here's the thing: it's only getting a fairly small release (smaller than Serenity release), despite being critically loved.. Familiar? Hope it does well.
Slither is going to get killed by Ice Age 2 if that Simpsons movie trailer rumour is true.

Hollywood Reporter article.

Oh and if that release date is true, you may see Warner Bros playing around with the Wonder Woman release date.
Slither is going to get crushed by Ice Age 2 regardless - 3900 theatres is freakin' huge, 1900 theatres for Slither is not. That said, with good reviews Slither might do around Serenity numbers.
Isn't everyone sighing relief that Slither is coming out before Snakes on a Plane? Slither, even though I'm sure it's the better movie, is sort of acting as SOAP's lead-in.
I saw the movie. It's truly a "B" movie, and James Gunn is no Joss Whedon, but it's definitely fun and memorable. Nathan is his awesome self in it, of course.
I think it could be a good thing for a movie like this they're releasing it in fewer theaters. This isn't as hard a sell as "Serenity", but it will still need a little time for the word to spread. But I think it will spread pretty fast because the market for icky horror is always strong.
bobster is on target...not as hard a sell as Serenity, and "icky horror" has a built-in market...why, I won't even dare to speculate, but it does...I can't stand the stuff, myself...but good for Nathan if it advances his career.
I saw the movie today and it was very enjoyable. Of course, Nathan is a star. I am concerned, though, with the fact that the theater was nearly empty. I admittedly watched a matinee, so hopefully the crowds will be bigger at the more appropriate evening show.

There were less than ten people watching it, but we were all loving it. The reaction is what you would expect from a full theater. It was wonderful to experience a “full crowd” reaction. I was worried it would be dead.

Also, almost half of the spectators were theater workers sneaking in to watch the film before going to work. I worked at a theater for years and when you see workers sneaking in and watching a film between shifts, you know the movie has an excellent word of mouth… at least among the staff.
Saw it tonight and loved it! Definitely a B movie but it was a really fun B movie and Sheriff Tightpants (and I truly did notice those tight pants) was wonderful. He reminded me quite a bit of Mal but I love Mal so that's fine with me. We went to an early show, 5:00, and there were about 10 people total watching it. We also had to drive further then we normally would to see a movie because our local theater wasn't showing it.

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