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March 31 2006

Browncoat Ball 2006. Fancy shindig coming up in September. Get your pretties ready. It's time to dance!

Just got an email inviting pre-registrations for the 2006 Browncoat Ball in San Francisco.

How I would love to go! If only I could afford it. BTW, Happy April Fool's Day all.
Hahah, I was so confused for a second. It's still the 31st here.

Wish something took place near Buffalo, ever.
Fun! I will be there...with bells on (are bells appropriate at a ball, or does only Simon worry about what is appropriate?).
I'm not usually much for fancy but I would love to go to one of these things once it's a tad closer. As long as they have these four things: Mangoes, Strawberries, Fondue or some other sort of "hot cheese" and of course, a floating chandelier. Don't care how, just as long as it's hovering.

(hehe, I just wanted to be the first to mention it!)
I already got into the pre-registration list. It looks exciting, with guided tours in between the balls. Actually, at 150 bucks, it's a pretty good deal.
As you can see by the photos, we do have two gorgeous chandaliers. And yes, they do float (if you mentally erase the wires by which they hang).

I don't know about mangos, but we are talking to the hotel to see if they'll let us bring in our own chocolate fountain and platter of strawberries. Typically they don't allow outside food, since they cater the affair in-house. But I think we should be able to convince them on this point. Even if we have to loan them a DVD box set and convert them into browncoats in the process. :)

And if they say no, then we'll just move the chocolate fountain and strawberries to the Blue Sun Room (our social suite) for the after-party.
Shiny! :-)
number eleven, there is a lot happening in Toronto and that isn't far. Last year Adam Baldwin came to the SFX expo.
Now that's not a ball, I agree but shiny anyway.

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