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March 31 2006

G4's AOTS says Slither is must-see movie. Nick Nunziata of and Attack Of The Show movie reviewer recommends Slither "Fun, gore and has my vote." "The must-see movie of the week=Slither"

My wife and I love this show for it's funny, fluffy, no-brainer brand of humor. But we're not really sold on their good movie sense considering they did nothing but bad-mouth Serenity and the Browncoats. So while Kevin and Sarah are fun to watch, I don't really place much faith in what they say about entertainment (though they do LOVE Lost, so it's not all bad).
And with this thread, that's it for any new Slither reviews being posted on the front page. Anymore please do feel free to post them in this thread.
MRQE Review Engine currently has 32 reviews up of Slither. I just love hearing the raves on the radio. Good for Nathan.
Not yet listed: movie critic's Slither review refering to Nathan as "...the slow talkin', tight trouser-wearin' [my italics] Sheriff Bill Pardy..."
Good review. In addition to the Captain Tightpants reference, I love the quote that says:
There's a special delight in watching a town where nothing ever happens suddenly playing host to a hootenanny from hell.

"hootenanny from hell"...tee-heeee!!!

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I went to see it this afternoon. Vaguely like Night of the Creeps, which is a damn fine flick if you haven't yet seen it. As to the feel of the movie, think Cabin Fever - a lot of the gore/yuck factor, but still inappropriately funny all over the place. Mr. Fillon carried the bulk of the humor and did a great job. I get the feeling that there's an unrated or director's cut coming in somewhere, 'cause I sensed some missing Fillon scenes. Anyway, pretty enjoyable so long as you are not squeamish.
I LOVED this film. I saw it last night with my sister and some friends. We laughed, we yucked, we covered our eyes and then laughed some more. Our Captain is SUPER funny and did a great job. But really everyone in the cast is pretty fantastic and hi-larious. It is super gross be prepared. Do not order a large milkshake right as the movie starts (as I did) because you will not feel like drinking it. Its A LOT of fun, so if you can take the gore you should DEFINITELY go see it.
Not big with the gore but I'm seeing it today anyway. Heard a review of Slither as a good weekend movie on my local CBC morning show. That's good coverage.

Ahem. Sorry. It was my one-sentence of fame.

I'm excited that people actually seem to be enjoying this film for what it is, rather than expecting some amazing eye-opener or something. I think it's a rare case of a film being advertised correctly... (M. Night Shyamalan should contact these people.)
Umm... what was your one sentence? Were you one of the chatroom questions?

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