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March 31 2006

88% fresh on the meter for Inside Man. Latest Spike Lee thriller has our favorite Operative playing a detective alongside Denzel Washington. There's an interview with Chiwetel about the movie over at

This was mentioned last summer, but in light of the recent rash of movies that our BDHs are in, I thought it a crime for Chiwetel to be forgotten.

Cool this gives me a good opportunity to link to this interview with Chiwetel Ejiofor where he talks about the movie and a little bit about Serenity. He'd be up for a sequel.

I'll put this on the subject line as well.
I really like Mr. Ejiofor's acting and versatility. I'm glad to see he had a good time in the 'Verse!
CE was excellent in 'Inside Man' though he didn't have too much to do. Pretty good accent (to me) as well.

Not a bad movie all in all. Obviously, Denzel Washington owns it as he does pretty much any film he's in but it's an impressive cast with Willem Dafoe popping up in a smallish role and Jodie Foster playing a fairly unusual part for her and (prepare yourselves) even Clive Owen was good and, dare I say it, charismatic (at least by his usual 'wet afternoon in Cleethorpes' standard).

If you like heist movies but also want to see some very real character moments i'd definitely recommend it.
I don't know where (or what) Cleethorpes is, but lol anyway! :-)
Oh, and I saw a TV commercial for Kinky Boots, and Mr. Chiwetel looked pretty fabulous and fierce. I like movies that deal with transgendered issues (everybody must see Cillian Murphy in Breakfast on Pluto, one of the most charming and neglected movies of last year), and this one is strongly tempting me. The movie overall looks just OK, but his performance might be one of those really great ones that enliven an otherwise modest film.
Ah...two good reasons to see Inside Man: Denzel...and Chiwetel. Glad to see Spike's back on his game. If this is as good as the reviews I've read, I'll forgive him for "Girl 6" and maybe even for "She Hate Me" as well.
I don't know where (or what) Cleethorpes is, but lol anyway! :-)

I used to live near Cleethorpes in my teenage years, and my brother lives there nowadays. It smells of fish, and has many puffy jackets in the old sense of the word (ie hanging around the arcades at the pier with gin). (Sorry to people who live in Cleethorpes). (PS: move).
Ah! Sounds like some places in my part of the world, if you substitute the smell of fish with the smell of cattle, and hanging around arcades at the pier with gin with hanging around arcades at the mall with 3.2 Coors. (PS: move). ;-)
Actually I am more anxious to see the movie Kinky boots. I may check this film out if I have time and/or money :P

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