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"How's it sit? Pretty cunning, don'tchya think?"
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April 01 2006

Elin Hampton's "Mommy" at the NoHo Arts Center. Elin co-wrote "Go Fish" with husband, David Fury. Her musical is running in North Hollywood, CA through April 11th. ETA: Fury says, "Anyone who mentions "Whedonesque" gets tickets at half price. But only if they pay at the door."

And she appeared in the Buffy episode 'Gone' as well according to IMDB.
Interesting, Simon. "Co-worker." The first thing that occurs to me, is the co-worker in the social services office...

I like the subject matter, but since I'm not in CA, it is really not a option for me to go. If anyone does go, could they let us know how it was?

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