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April 01 2006

A Tim Minear Q&A. Hey kids, shake a leg and go and read all about Drive and parking issues.

The news that Zoic Studios is working on the pilot is very cool indeed.

So because this isn't filming until late does that mean the best we can hope for is a mid season replacement or will it still debut in the fall?
I don't know about plans for scheduling, but I remember an interview with J.J. Abrams somewhere saying that Lost was the last pilot to shoot that season, so all the "name" actors were already signed for other shows. This was one reason there are so many "unknowns" in the cast. If the same thing happened for Drive -- getting new faces and getting the same good luck (and buzz) as Lost -- that would totally *rock*!

ETA: And then I read more carefully where Tim said he would hear from the network in August, so I guess that would mean mid-season at the earliest. Props to Jackal, for reading the article word-for-word the first time! ;-)

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Yay, he's watching Arrested Development, which has pretty much been cancelled by FOX at this point. Tim, there is a lesson there!
Arrested Development is now very cancelled - the show runner has opted out of continuing.

Some interesting people work for Zoic now (think ex Mutant Enemy). Should be great stuff.
It could also go on after baseball.
Just so long as it doesn't the death slot Firefly got. Wasn't Wonderfalls also in that time slot?
Yes, that was where Wonderfalls went. Let's hope they just hold it till after baseball instead!

RIP, Arrested Development. I'll sure miss you. :-(
Tim followers might be interested to know that the Buffy and Angel magazine spoke to him about the Spike movie at the Flanvention last December. There's a write up of what he said in the latest UK issue (one with Eliza on the cover).

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