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April 01 2006

Wonder Woman "Cast". reveals the actress that won the part.

This is an April Fool, which is pretty clear a few sentences in.


I have to watch myself today, I am the most gullible person alive.

Offensive on so many levels. My kind of April Fool. ;)
I was confused for a sec, 'cause it is still March 31st here!

Stoopid time difference.
Morgan Freeman never looked so good.

I'm still looking forward to Adam Baldwin and Nathan Fillion jello-wrestling for the part. Obviously neither one will get the part...I just hope someone gets it on video....the part is so obviously meant for Viggo Mortensen.

Or maybe a woman, or something ;)
Eh.... was there an alternate dimension where that was supposed to be an actually funny AFD joke?
So all that spinning Nathan did in the backyard went completely unnoticed, eh? Shame, really. Well, I am glad that Seth Green has in fact gotten the role of Steve Trevor, so that the fine tradition of Jewish werewolves can be continued. Er, wait -- what thread is this? ;-)
What would be ironic was if she was really cast down the line.

Which I pray she isn't.
Yeah I've seen better take-offs of Joss. It's just ho-hum and a just a little bit crude. And the only good Wonder Woman joke article to date has been the Ben Affleck one.

April's Day in general, well the only thing that made me chuckle was the home page.
I actually gasped aloud until I read the quotes from Joss. I thought to myself what a stupid joke and then through a shoe at my computer.
Eh.... was there an alternate dimension where that was supposed to be an actually funny AFD joke?

Yeah, that was awful.
I'm glad this isn't real news. I also saw a funny April Fools joke on It took me a second to realise it wasn't real.
Ehum... Aren't april fools jokes supposed to be over the top unlikely and fairly ridiculous? I mean, Kate beckinsale as Wonder Woman, I could definitely see that happening. It's not overly likely due to the fact that she already has filled her superhero quota with the Underworld franchise but still, she'd do good.

Now the real april fools joke was the text itself. That was actually kinda funny. A tad offensive may be, but still kinda funny.
What a way to put me in a bad mood today. April Fool's Day joke or not, it isn't the least bit funny.

I'm staying off the internet today...
Maybe it's the mood I'm in today but I had a couple giggles when I read it...and the Joss "quotes" were so obviously not him I chuckled. Happy April 1st all!
I laughed, I chuckled, I thought it was cute. Best of all, JoBlo thinks enough of this project to use it as his April Fool's joke.
I find it funny that instead of laughing, I was shocked and appalled "Joss would NEVER say these things!"
A good April Fools joke, IMO, should be over the top ridiculsou but told in a way that makes you think "Maybe..." anyway.

This was just tacky.
Oh, thank goodness this is a joke. Kate Beckinsale couldn't act her way out of a pair of satin tights.
I thought it was a bit over-the-top, untill i read the part about Sarah's husband being a nerd...then i thought well maybe this is real...but ahh its all false, or is it?
I went through various levels of shock at first and became more and more disbelieving of the entire thing and was relieved in the end when it said Happy April'Fools day.

I wasn't offended so much as skeptical. I assume the joke was to present Joss in a light that every one knows he isn't, that of a sexist pig who talks trash about women.

Technically I suppose it is an excellent April Fool's joke but I have never found this holiday to have any redeeming merit whatsoever.
As soon as he quoted Joss, I knew it was an April Fool's joke. Best to get the worst joke over in the morning, I guess; the rest of the day should be gravy :-)
As soon as he said "Kate Beckinsdale" I knew it was an April Fools joke.
Of course we all know who's going to be cast as WW: Wesley Snipes. I mean, come one. Did you see "To Wong Foo..."? So you know I'm right.
Then again, Patrick Swayze did kick some ass in that film...
; )
Chris Bridges said it best. This was just tacky.
I knew it was not true when they talked about "Joss Whedon's official site". They guy doesn't have an official site (or I am really out of the loop). They could have executed it a lot better though, because I didn't the texts not even remotely funny.
Dark Horizons went with similar Wonder Woman casting news.
Yeah well if they really wanted to play a more inventive joke they would have announced FOX greenlighting a Spike movie for DVD release.

Or even a story claiming after the DVD success of Serenity, Universal is greenlighting the sequel for a direct DVD release. However, do to contract issues the part of Malcolm Reynolds will have to be re-cast.

[ edited by RavenU on 2006-04-01 18:30 ]
My favorite so far is over at - they flipped the whole thing upside down! And, hey, homestar is *almost* on topic here, what with Trogdor and all. *g*
Kate Beckinsale couldn't act her way out of a pair of satin tights.
Well, if she needs any help...

I'll get me coat.
At first I was like "wtf?" and then I got to the Joss quotes and immediatly knew that it was not only a joke but a very degrading joke. I have to admit that I was a bit repulsed by the lengths this guy went to to degrade the actresses and women in general. The thought of Joss agreeing to be part of this joke is mindblowing to me because degrading women is the exact opposite of what Joss' work is about. =( My over all thought? This joke wasn't funny and was done in very poor taste. Toilet humor does not a good joke make.
Oh lighten up people, when did everyone become so highbrow?

[ edited by delirium_haze on 2006-04-01 18:51 ]
I checked the date of the article, and it was marked Mar31. Now, I checked Whedonesque at midnight and there was nothing, so I figured this was true until they got to the part where Joss Whedon was talking about being propositioned.
degrading women is the exact opposite of what Joss' work is about

Thus, the funny... It was definitely over the top, but that's the point. Laughter is good and is one step in putting such ludicrous sexism behind us. Laughter good.
Well I had forgotten that this was April First, and I was kind of offended about the 'quotes' when I knew that Joss Whedon would never say such insulting and demeaning things about anyone. So I'm relieved to know it was a lame joke. Still too early in the morning for me I guess.
Damn you JoBlo for getting my hopes up! Kate Beckinsale would be great as Wonder Woman. That's why she's my second choice. My first choice however, will always be the great Jennifer Connelly.
It had better be Morena or I'm not watching it.
Funny, but I like this one, myself.
Heehee. Happy April 1, everyone!

Damn you JoBlo for getting my hopes up! Kate Beckinsale would be great as Wonder Woman. That's why she's my second choice. My first choice however, will always be the great Jennifer Connelly.

SpikeBad just hit us with a very miniature April Fool's joke of his own.
You wish Zeppo.
HA! Syren they were the best by far! I figured the other one was a joke, pretty much, immediately. I figured that was a bit quick, ya know.


Movie Lover Joss Whedon has eyelid surgery so he can "see the whole world in wide-screen!"

Plastic surgeons are worried about the ethical issues of sculpting someone's eyelids into a wide, narrow rectangle to mimic the "letterbox" format favored by movie fanatics, but Whedon has no regrets. "My eyes ached pretty badly for the first few days," Whedon admitted, "but once I replaced my Visine with tape-head cleaner, they were great!"

Ha, that was pretty funny, Syren. Thanks for linking to that.
Thanks, nixygirl and kishi. Glad you enjoyed it. : )
A friend sent me a spoofed page using my name this morning, so I thought I'd see what I got if I spoofed Joss. You can put in all different types of info about the 'spoofee.'
Some of the pages/results came out pretty good, I thought, considering I had to guess at much of the info I put in. It helped that we know he's a "control enthusiast." ; )
(Joss, should you see this, know that it was done with love and a dash of smartassery but no malice!)

[ edited by Syren on 2006-04-02 03:11 ]
Eh, not great but it made me chuckle. I do agree that the best AFJs make you think or at least wonder if it's real, and this clearly wasn't. I did enjoy that bit about SMG's 'melon-head husband' sending in old WW comics with Sarah's pics pasted in, hehe.

And no Kate Beckinsale couldn't act her way out of satin tights (why satin tights anyway?) but she does look damn good in vinyl catsuits. And really people, can we ask more of her?;-)
I was so distressed by the photo that was not Morena I immediately clicked back here and learned it was a joke. Heh. It wasn't THAT bad! I went back and read it, knowing it was a joke, and found the so-not-Joss remarks funny.

But the MSN links were better.

I'm such a sucker.
Simon - April fool though it may have been, the Dark Horizons link to the V for Vendetta "sequel" sounded quite possible - without, of course, any Alan Moore input. In fact, he has probably declared "the script to rough to even be used as toilet paper" already!
Sadly we failed to mention yesterday that Garth Brooks was to record a Firefly album.
Aww, I thought it was pretty funny. I actually sort of believed it at first; I read with a mix of utter shock and complete horror. But oh, how glad I am it is but a joke.

Kate Beckinsale is a bad bad BAD actress... went all Wikipedia.

And I declare this one the winner. Especially for the Buffy entry.
Oh my god, Simon, that was GREAT...that whole thing is hilarious. I love the entry for Fox...
Hi-larious, Simon! A site to bookmark, long past AFD! :-)
Awesome, Simon, I love the one for Whedonites, describes pretty much everyone here. Off topic, the entry for Supernatural is so true, darn guilty pleasures!
Re: the 4th paragraph, to quote Arrested Development, "Uh, you mean “away,” though, right? Because otherwise it sounds a little different, but, uh, that’s, uh, that’s outstanding. You forgot to say “away” again."

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