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April 01 2006

Angel does Brokeback: A Pylean Parody! "Angel" joins the ranks of movies and series spoofed in Brokeback Mountain trailer parodies on the internet.

The setup: The physical laws on Pylea allowed Angel to have a life he'd never dreamed of in L.A., but his days of laughing and loving under the twin suns were numbered. This world was too dangerous for humans, and he and Wesley had a mission, fighting evil and helping the helpless in the City of Angels.

That was actually cute.
Salty goodness!
Brokeback to the Future was funnier. In my humble opinion of course.
Ah Wes/Angel. One of the best friendships ever portrayed by Joss Whedon and co.
Yeah, "friendship"...sure. Right.

Nah, I'm not a big fan of the Wes/Angel slashing. Far as that series goes, you can make a way better jokey case for Angel/Lindsey, plus it's hotter 'cause they're enemies and one annoys the other quite a bit and always overcomes him. And IMO Boreanaz and Kane fit better somehow.
did y'all see the Brokeback Mount doom on the right..
Frodo and' lovely... and so obvious that it's brilliant!
Yeah, I watched the LotR one too... but it made me sad, instead of laughy. Odd. Except for a scene here and there...
Clearly the person who made that trailer had way too much time on their hands. And had seen far, far too many Brokeback trailer parodies. *grin*
Well, this one is not that good. I've seen a lot of better ones (but not set in the Angelverse, so...)
I was joking. 'Cause I'm the one that made it. But thanks.
Well, that was fun! I loved 'em all. "Brokeback Mount Doom" was great, too - and especially "Brokeback Mountain Blend".
Ha! That was great
Hee hee, made me giggle. Nicely done Fiareynne.Give me some links guys for others. I've seen the BrokeBack to the Future one.
OK, that got me digging around on that site and I found another Whedonesque clip there, this one more disturbing
^ that is the.. funniest.. thing I have EVER seen.

The Pylea Mountain one is good too though.
Great parody...loved it!

Good job, Fiareynne!
affeking that was freaking hysterical! Man, I want to see that movie.
I can't say anything nice about either vid. Sorry.
I just tried the link and they are now working hard at assembling Ikea furniture

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