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April 02 2006

Seth Green & Matthew Senreich interviewed on (site is potentially Not Safe For Work) Among other things, Green and Senreich discuss Robot Chicken's production process, differences between season 1 and season 2 of the show, and the first season DVD set + extras. Green hints that the trade paperback edition of his comic book Freshmen will be out in the second half of April.

Other parts of link's site might be NSFW....
I've only caught one episode of Robot Chicken at a convention here. I'm not 100% sure whether I liked it or not. There were a few laughs but I've found that a lot of comedy nowadays tends to be more surreal than genuinely funny. Also it happened to be the aforementioned "domestic abuse" episode so I definitely thought it was pretty weird.

But I'm glad Seth is doing well and I will check out the show again to see whether it "clicks" with me eventually.
Just received my Season One DVD on Friday - and I have to say, it's crass, not incredibly subtle, and yet bloody funny. There are definitely many surreal moments, but the show is wonderfully creative, and it is fun to spot the guest turns. My hat off to Seth for this.
Great link. This was really nice to get a sense of perspective on their production process. They're so open about it; I really look forward to seeing it, almost solely on the basis of reading Seth Green talking about it.

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