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April 02 2006

Alan's icy voice melts Nathan's slithery slugs at the box office. Alan Tudyk's movie Ice Age 2 tops the weekend boxoffice with $70.1 million. While Nathan Fillion's new film Slither came in 8th with $3.7 million.




And $3.7m for Slither? Well, damn. Guess those saying this one would add to Nathan's box office cred more than Serenity were wrong. :-(

I was going to go see it today, but alas, I could not...
I want to see Ice Age 2 but I haven't seen the first one yet. Not sure if it's worth seeing it with the first.
He beat the pants off Sharon Stone, though, you should excuse the expression.
I'll excuse myself of anything with Sharon Stone in it. I mean old girl really should take it easy at her age. Nobody wants to see some 70-80 yr old still going around like that...unless she falls and breaks a hip or something, I mean that's just always funny.
Geez Inevitable Traitor, I think Sharon Stone is pretty hot looking. Of course, I'm one of the old girls, so what do I know. :-(
Sharon Stone is 48, for the record. And your comment, InevitableTraitor, was really quite unnecessary.
How can an icy voice melt something? Wouldn't it freeze the slugs? Should we melt his icy heart with a cool island song? Or freeze his hot heart with a cool island song? Or freeze his icy heart with a hot...oh, never mind.
I guess I am one of the few who saw Slither this weekend. Must say that I found it really overrated. Vulgar instead of witty. Gross instead of scary.

Oh, Fillion was the best thing in the movie, and it was really weird to hear Mal swear. I don't know why but it was.
Well, isn't that a nice scientific way to start the day. I'm glad I saw Slither before I read this article, Simon.

Unitas - I join you as one of the few who saw Slither and agree with your assessment. I do not ususally go to the movies to see "horror" type films, I went to support my capt'n and he was very good. Nathan was the best thing in the picture, the two female leads were also very good (Elizabeth Banks and Tania Saulnier).
Slither rocked!

James Gunn, the writer and director, came up through the ranks at Troma. Troma is known to make amazingingly low budget movies with social commentary buried in the bad jokes, gratuitous nudity and heads exploding. This is the best Troma movie that Troma never made.

The story holds together, the movie looks great, the effects were good and Fillion was perfect.

When the DVD comes out, Nathan needs to do a commentary. That? Would be comedy gold. No, comedy platinum.
Imagined phone conversation between Alan and Nathan:
**(spoiler alert)**

Alan: So, I see Ice Age made it made it into the top 2 movies this weekend - Slither? Not so much.

Nathan: Yeah, well at least my character made it to the last page of the script. Yours? Not so much...again. Dude, you gotta stop missing those important meetings.
"it was really weird to hear Mal swear"

Nathan Fillion swore in the movie Serenity. He said "monkey$#&*"
which I felt was fitting. I'm often annoyed with censorship on television. They can show sexual scenes that verge on mild pornography, but they can't say certain four letter words that describe fornication or excrement. I find this insulting. I don't believe in protecting children from the world. I believe in preparing them for it. Censorship is impossible to make consistent or even remotely sensible.
Saw Slither on a whim last night. Yes, it was more gross than scary. Yes, sometimes more vulgar than funny. And oh my god yes, Nathan was the best aspect of the film by far. It didn't wow me but I enjoyed it okay/sorta. He made unfunny lines pretty funny, just because his timing and delivery are excellent. I actually enjoyed the lead actress more than I expected to. It was great to see him on the big screen again. And yes, kinda wierd to hear Mal swearing! Not sorry I went. I have to admit, it had a few kinda funny parts.
Alan: "My movie made more money than yours. You know what this means?"

Nathan: "Yeah. You're buying me lunch. And a beer."
Zachsmind - It's not so much that he swore as it is how he swore. Slither loves to drop the f-bomb in the way a twelve year old drops the f-bomb, like just saying it is supposed to make us laugh.
Saw "Ice Age 2" and I thought it was amusing, if not as funny or as tightly written as the original. With all the fuss about Nathan Fillion swearing in "Slither," I think it's only fair to point out that Alan's character (Cholly) is nothing more than a giant flatulence joke.
My daughter (age 13) was counting the number of times Gregg Henry said "c_cksucker". We agreed that it was the language that made it inappropriate for the 8-year-old.

What was the budget for Slither, does anyone know offhand? I'm wondering how much it needs to make to be considered "proportionately successful". I have my fingers crossed for the enormous cult following.
$15m, apparently, brownishcoat. Not a great deal for this sort of thing.

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