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"Okay, the entire world sucks because some dead ditz made a wish?"
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April 03 2006

Charisma Carpenter interview with Men's Edge. One of the best articles you'll ever read about her (some pics may not be considered safe for work).

She's just gorgeous, isn't she. Also, she's wanting that WW role, pretty badly. It's got to be one of the most coveted female roles in Hollywood right now.
Just when you think you couldn't love her more.

Seriously, I hope to catch her at a con that I go to sometime. I would die on the spot, but I know it'd be worth it.
a.) She's totally right that her metier is comedy. I can see her in a half-hour sitcom so easily, playing the role of the sharp-tongued side-kick or lead. But her looks work against her; she has the face and body made for the soaps, or something like The O.C.

b.) I actually did notice in the latest ep of VM that she was a little bit heavier than I was used to seeing her -- and she looked fabulous! There were even more curves, if you can imagine. It sucks that H'wood is so weight-focused, in that skinny = good, because she looks even better with a little bit of extra weight and should not at all feel self-conscious.

c.) I love her, she seems so nice, but no, I can't see her as WW.
Good grief, please, a bit heavier, indeed. You wear it exceedingly well, Charisma.

I'd actually watch a sitcom called "Cordy."
Yeah, she'd be good in a sit-com but I think it'd have to be set in, for example, the acting or modelling world because she's so conventionally good looking anything else would instantly feel a bit contrived.

Heavier ? Pfft. Curvier. And therefore gorgeous-ier. Still, it's good to hear she enjoys the gym thing and so, presumably, doesn't feel it's a constant chore to stay Hollywood slim (Amarillo's brother ;).
God that woman looks good. Shes going to make it big.
Clever woman. Sneaking in that comment about Joss and Wonder Woman. Personally though, I wish she would stop selling herself through sexy pictures.If she has more to offer, she should be promoting that instead.
Double edged sword though, I guess. If she keeps getting cast in the same type of role, she wants to prove she still can do that type of role.
Thatís how Joel Silver found and chose me. That Playboy shoot was his deciding factor. And you know, itís not about numbers. Itís about inches.

Joel Silver is the producer of Wonder Woman. (But she's refering to Veronica Mars).
Maybe Charisma and Morena should fight it out in a cage match to decide the wonder woman just like Diana did in the comics(only without the cage)?
What "heavy"? I don't see any "heavy". She's one of the most beautiful women in the world, and her face is especially pretty when she's not skinny. She's clever and smart and funny, and she ought to be a big star and get everything she wants. I laughed out loud when she complimented SMG and then said "We don't really talk." And I could see her as Wonder Woman, easily. I think she could do it. But I think Joss will cast an unknown. He likes to do that, and that way, no one will look at Wonder Woman and see any other character.
I think she's a lot like Aly in that she can do drama and comedy both so well. Over the years she really became so fantastic in Angel.
Chris inVirginia said
I'd actually watch a sitcom called "Cordy."

Well, it would have to be better than the one we saw a glimpse of in Angel, to keep me watching but yes, she would be great in something like that. In that one she managed to act as though what she was saying was funny.

But I think the beauteous Ms. Carpenter was born to do 30s-style screwball romantic comedy in the manner of Carole Lombard, Irene Dunne or Claudette Colbert. She has the pitch-perfect delivery for that, if the right leading man were paired with her (actually David Boreanaz had demonstrated his own ability to do suave comedy).

It will be a loss to the movie-going public if someone does not provide the right vehicle for that talent. Is there a writer-director-producer in the house?
I agree that "Amarillo Slim's brother Hollywood Slim" is pretty ridiculous. I'm sure the photos that were in this article were not shot for this article, but I agree that when I saw her on VM, she was as smokin' as ever. Charisma's not like the scary thin women on ANTM for example, or the women on Friends, who were always so Hollywood looking it never made sense that it was supposed to be set in New York.

Charisma seems to be in a spot like Nathan -- so talented, so versatile, but still going out for auditions, not a superstar -- yet! ;-)

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