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April 03 2006

Getting Inside with Tim Minear. Excellent overview of Tim's career and that late, lamented show of his "The Inside".

That makes The Inside sound fantastic. I've only ever seen one episode.

Any Irish people might be interested to know that I spotted promos for The Inside on Channel 6. But it isn't listed on their schedule, so I've emailed to ask about it.
I liked The Inside and tuned in every week to watch it. I remember when they bumped it for the real tv crap and was disappointed everytime they did that. Adam Baldwin's part was small (and I'm a big Adam Baldwin fan) but the whole cast was good and I wanted to see where the show would go with all the characters.

I would definitely buy The Inside if it were released on dvd and have been waiting for a release date. I am disappointed after reading this article because it sounds like there won't be one.
Speaking of which, the UK has just aired up to episode 11 now. Hee. Plot twist!
Any news on DVD for R1? Tim is a master of the 13-ep box set ;) (Actually it doesn't matter what region; my machine reads them all, heh, heh.) I really liked the series and thought the cast did a very fine job.
Fantastic article! Add me to the list of those wanting an Inside box set, every episode was better than the previous one and it definitely left me hungry for more.
The last few (US unaired) episodes have been great (with the exception of "The Perfect Couple", which didn't quite come together very well).
Last word from those who would know is no box set release. Luckily they are all appearing online *cough*.
I stopped watching The Inside after 20 minutes. I just can't enjoy that kind of gore and nastiness. I like my violence to be of the bloodless fantasy variety. (You can't beat a good dusting.) If I'd seen The Inside described as “SILENCE OF THE LAMBS The Series”, I wouldn't have even watched 20 minutes.
I'm with you, tichtich. I kept trying to watch this show, but I would always tune in and see something horribly mean and gory happening. Gore alone I can take, something like Shaun of the Dead, or evil that is embodied in a demon or vampire (someone I'm not likely to run into, in other words), but when it's the evil intent of devious humans who hurt and maim and murder, it bothers me.

There was an episode of X-Files in S1, I think, where they discovered that the murderer was a man, pure and simple (I think his MO was shampooing the hair of the women he killed & removing their makeup -- am I thinking of the right episode?), and at one point Scully was in serious danger. Nothing new there, but it scared the livin' daylights out of her, and in her narration log (I'm just paraphrasing), Scully said this case was much more frightening for her than many of the other, supernatural ones, b/c the evil inside people is the worst horror of all. That's how I feel about it, too.

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