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April 03 2006

Chosen specialist subject: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy to be a specialist subject on the BBC's Mastermind quiz this Thursday.

Oh excellent, I love Mastermind. Definitely be tuning in for this one and see how many I get right.
Awesome, it would be my specialist subject too.
Just so long as they don't call the person a "freak" or a "geek" or anything else like that. That grates my cheese. People can know who scored the winning goal in the 1956 FA Cup final, what minute it was in and which foot they used, and that's perfectly fine. Know stuff about a genre show and your freakish in some way. Er....grrr.

*deep breathes*

I will be giving it a watch though. Want to test my knowledge. :0)
I'm with exoticmushroom on this one. Good point re: sports freaks vs. genre geeks. Will look into acquiring the ep to scope it out.
Damn! I wanted to go on Mastermind with BtVS as my specialist subject. Time to brush on up Angel...

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I'll try and do a transcript of the questions and put them on at
Oooh, Simon, please do! Those of us over here on this side of the Atlantic would be very grateful.

And I agree with sports freak vs. genre geek. I just happen to be both, so I see it as equal opportunity pointing and mocking.
oh this is going to be good
The contestant better do well...
I never watch Mastermind because half the questions--the specialist knowledge half--are next to impossible for anyone who hasn't specialised in a particular narrow subject. But this time it'll actually be worth watching! I'll record it so I can FF through the other specialist rounds. (I suppose some people must enjoy watching a quiz where they have no hope of answering the questions, but I can't see the attraction.)
That's a show I wish we could have here, instead of "Deal or No Deal". But I guess general knowledge game shows are too "geeky", but I'm looking forward to how this will be played. I'm sure "Mastermind" had experts on Doctor Who, Eastenders, Crossroads, Star Trek and other British shows.
I'm ashamed to say I got the Buffy question wrong because I thought of the coffee shop, the Expresso Pump. Giles played there as well as that sappy couple singing while Anya and Halfrek talked so it did have live music.
That's their fault, not yours.
Mastermind is surprisingly popular. The real quiz show for geeks (and hence my favourite) is University Challenge. It always has a few popular culture questions, but the question master makes fun of the contestants for knowing the answers. ;-)
Well seeing as there's a lot of interest, we'll do another link on Thursday on the front page so we can all chat about the questions. Who needs Emmys? Buffy is going to be featured on Mastermind. This is huge.
I wonder who set the questions. The BBC usually does a good job of finding an acknowledged expert in the subject. Could it even be Joss himself ?
I doubt if Mastermind has had specialist rounds on Crossroads or Eastenders, impalergeneral - the show tends to take itself rather seriously as highbrow quiz material - sometimes they have had problems finding question-setters as the contestant has been the acknowledged world expert in the chosen topic!

This quite intriguing. Who will be prepared to admit they got questions wrong?
Is it possible for us (we?) Yanks to see the questions without reading the answers, too? I mean, I know I'm getting quite pushy here, but I'd like to see how I'd do. Is that do-able?
Gill There's a list of subjects from the last series on wikipedia. Still a tendency towards the esoteric, but a smattering of TV shows and other pop culture. Looks like the overall winner picked Father Ted in the final, and looking in previous rounds, if they can set questions on One foot in the grave, Dad's Army or even Dinnerladies for crying out loud, I think Buffy's a worthy addition.

impalergeneral I think I recall someone picking ST:TNG as a subject, and they even had a Dr. Who special, but I think Eastenders might be taking it a little too far. ;o)

tichtich I haven't watched much since Humphrys took over, is he as dismissive of Pop culture questions as Paxman? I recall him railing against "dumbing down" on the Beeb and elsewhere in the past.
although that would be easier to stomach if they employed someone who knew how to spell "adolescent"
Freaks and geeks? My favorite kind of people! ;-)

Count me among the Yanks really looking forward to Thursday, when the questions are posted. (I'm sure the answers will be in invisible text, right?) Yes, in the land of Deal or No Deal, Distraction or reality/game hybrids like Unanimous, our only "smart" game show is Jeopardy, and that tends to be aimed at a broad audience, IMO. I couldn't imagine them having a Buffy category.
One of the members of our local Browncoat group took the online Jeopardy test last week. Sadly, there were no Buffy questions ;-)
"although that would be easier to stomach if they employed someone who knew how to spell 'adolescent'"

Ahem. And did anyone catch the "eventual" life of Eleanor of Aquitaine? Did she not have one at first and then later she did? Meow. Sorry. I'll shut up for now and check back here for certain on late Wed. (that's Thurs. to some of you) to see the questions posted. It ought to be fun! Thanks, Simon, for the transcript efforts.
I could post a sound recording of the Buffy part of the quiz. If no one else is doing it, I'll sort something out.
Hmm. Maybe I should pay more attention to TV schedules. Turns out BBC Scotland shows Mastermind on Tuesday nights. D'oh!
It was fun! And close. If she'd just would have had Buffy v.s Dracula right, it was one of the easiest questions, she probably would have won.
The 'talk' bit about Buffy could have been better though.
Anyone else watched?
Damn my absentmindedness. Totally forgot to watch.

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