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April 03 2006

Cinematical gives a list of actresses that should NOT play Wonder Woman. The list is a kidder listing RuPaul, the Olsen Twins and Dame Judi Dench.

My first thought after reading that list was:

How long will it be before we see people putting a Jackman and Wonder Woman Picture together...

The about 5 min later I made one... it is truly horrifying.
He is not wrong, I was terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought.
Judi Dench taking home an Oscar for the role. Love it. Although a new costume would be in order...

But I had to stop reading once people seriously threw around Jodi Lynn O'Keefe's (the mean girl in She's All That)name for the part.

Speaking of Mean Girls... Does anyone else think Rachel McAdams would rock Wondie's boots?

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I think they should be more concerned with casting the supporting cast with strong actors. I know it's Wonder Woman but if you have a strong supporting cast in place then cast the lead is a matter of symantics.

I think we should focus on a supporting cast. My first vote would be Stephanie Romanov for Hippolyta the Amazon Queen and Wonder Woman's mom. If there is a Steve Trevor I think he should be played by Guy Pearce, and for the love of Whedon please have a part for Hugo Weaving. I would love to hear his voice spouting Whedon writen dialouge.
Rachel McAdams might not be bad, however when I think of Wonder Woman I think of someone who is:

1. athletic looking (Toned, defined, etc.)
2. able to fill out the outfit.
3. a Very tall woman, closer to 6 foot.

I grew up with the original TV series and while Lynda Carter could have used a bit more muscle definition she definately fit the bill, looks wise. While McAdams looks toned, she is small (short). I am not sure she would work for me at least looks wise, but what the heck do I know anyway.
RavenU, I have to disagree with you on one point. Even with a strong supporting cast without a strong lead the movie will not flow well.

However that said Supporting cast is equally as important as the lead. If the lead gives a wooden or unconvincing performance then the entire movie suffers. If the lead gives a great performance but is surrounded by people that sound like a speak and spell, or move like the tin man pre-oiling; the movie is bad again.
I used to think I wanted an unknown to play Wonder Woman because I think Joss really excels at finding talented people who fit their roles perfectly.

For the quality of the movie, for my own enjoyment I still think that would be best.

However, after the relative non-success of Serenity, which I believe was a great movie but had no stars I kind of think it might be better to hire a big star.

I want Wonder Woman to be a big success and frankly it seems like the "big star" is essential.

I have no idea who I would want, but I agree she should be young and "Amazonian"

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That is funny. I was watching Gilmore Girls last night and i think Lauren Graham would be perfect for the role. Scheduling conflicts might interfere with her show however. Anyone else agree she would be good?
Evangeline Lilly would be my number one choice for the role.
The author obviously forgot to put Paris Hilton on that list.... but who knows, maybe Paris Hilton will be too busy portraying Mother Theresa, and no, I am not joking See Link . Sorry for being off topic, but I pray that Joss Whedon will not be so off kilter(or on a heavy dose of drugs) as to want Paris Hilton to portray Wonder Woman.

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madcap23 - I was not suggesting throwing anyone in the lead - I was trying to say by making sure the actors playing the surrounding characters are strong, it will only enhance the talent that lands the main role. The opposite can also be said, it doesn't matter how great your lead is if the supporting cast is lacking in ability to match them. It's a fine line to walk, you do not want the supporting cast to over shadow the star but at the same time you do not want the star to completely overshawdow the supporting cast. If you have a strong supporting cast then you will know the lead when you find it. Joss's casting people for his shows had the ability to build a strong cast all the way around. I just hope Joel Silver and Waner Brothers give Joss the same leeway this time around.
Sorry Capt Mel, no. I've seen her mentioned before here and elsewhere and feel compelled to reiterate my unequivocal NO. She's too old, and too - for want of a better word at the moment - flat. Flat bottom, flat boobies...flat all 'round!

My ideal for WW would have the body of Salma Hayek, the height of Elle McPherson, the face of Jennifer Connelly in Career Opportunities, Charisma Carpenter's hair, and the acting chops of Annette Bening.

That's why it's so dang hard for me to pick one person. I can't think of anyone that embodies all of that! :)
What, nobody has registered yet?
RavenU, I completely agree. And I hope you did not take any offence to my comments, they were not meant to upset you. I was simply attempting to point out the same thing you just did.

Both portions of the cast are important, supporting as well as leading.
Some site called The Geek Zine lists its top five actress for the role.
Other people who probably should not play Wonder Woman:

Jaye Davidson
Linda Hunt
Jessica Simpson
Barry Humphries

Who should? Rosario Dawson.
None taken MadCap23. I guess my first post was a bit wonky. I was trying to point out that the lead is already pretty much defined in this formula. However, the supporting cast has so much more work to do than the actual lead. I mean Wonder Woman is the hero, so the canvas and paint used to fill in the rest of the scene is defined by those who are not the hero. Wonder Woman, the type is set by definition, you have decades of her comics to read, tv shows to watch and she is always the one constant. I want this film to succeed. To do that, although Wonder Woman is the main focus of the film, it should not rest on her performance alone. I think that is why movies like Elcktra, Catwoman, Daredevil and others fail because they consentrated to much on the main character and not enough on the others. Joss is not like that, he has the main character in front as expected, but he also writes for the ensemble. Even the smallest character has a line that makes them stand out. I cannot imagine he did any different for this film, I just want to make sure those lines and those performances aren't lost because the studio or another producer has a contract fullfilment with a certain actor.
Willowy said about Lauren Graham:
She's too old, and too - for want of a better word at the moment - flat.

Well, I'd love to have her play Wondy. I must admit I don't know anything about the whole Wonder Women mythology, but she's just great.
I'm just glad that Nathan, as well as my personal choice, Bob Hoskins, are both still in the running.
Emily Deschanel or Scarlett Johansson.

Why are we still talking about this?
I was watching Grey's Anatomy last night (yes, I watch it, please don't chase after me with flaming torches and pitchforks. ;-D), and I thought, what about a raven haired Katherine Heigl with blue contacts? She would rock.

Oye, and add Jennifer Lopez to the list of women who shouldn't play Wondy.

Or act at all.
Oh, cool, a list that slanders not only women who have born kids (wonder how Charisma Carpenter, she-who-loves-her-body, would like that), but also women over forty who dare to be openly sexy.

I've seen funnier postings.
While I agree that WW can't be anorexic, must be young and must be played by a great actress (I like Simon's Evangeline Lilly suggestion), I also agree with bschnell that there's no need for gratuitous trashing of older actresses just because they are over 25. Even though Sharon Stone seems to be crazy, and I don't care for her acting, she's absolutely great looking, whatever her current age.

Off-topic, why does everyone agree that Susan Sarandon, who is older than Ms. Stone, is sexy and hot, but everyone seems revolted by Ms. Stone & by Madonna as well? Is it just because those two act nutty and pretentious? Those personality qualities have nothing to do with "hotness," although of course it would figure into whether you would want to, er, get together with them. Who wants to have a crazy mate? (Er, I should take that back -- lots of people have crazy mates!) /ot rant

On-topic, Morena is probably still my top choice, followed by Evangeline Lilly (good, good suggestion!). And Nathan. And Morgan Freeman. ;-)
billz, I think it's partly the slightly daffy thing and possibly partly that Susan Sarandon has aged gracefully i.e. she doesn't try to appear to be a woman 20 years younger, she's simply a sexy older woman. Seems a bit more dignified. Though I still agree that Sharon Stone looks great.

My current choice as mentioned before (probably ad nauseam ;) is Morena Baccarin. But whoever mentioned Rosario Dawson above, great idea. She's got the look, the, err, build ;) and IMDB lists her as 5'8" so physically she's spot on. And from what i've seen she can act so no problems there. Plus, a certain writer/director who shall remain named Joss Whedon has previously voiced his appreciation of her.

Although Evangeline Lilly is athletic enough (the first time I saw her go up a tree on Lost I thought she had to be a rock climber - very fluid movements and she's got the forearms - and sure enough she lists it as one of her hobbies) she's just a bit too petite. She could maybe play one of the Amazons though.
Dame Judi Dench is so a hottie...
Well, there ain't nothing like a Dame.

Ahem. Sorry.
Emma Frost, I've been pushing Katherine Heigl for a while now . . welcome aboard!
The April Fool's story by actually got picked up as News by WENN-IMDB.

and this is my first time posting a link... and then I tried to post the IMDB story and then joblo and the realized there's a whole separate thread for that... oy. Thus ALL the edits. sorry!

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Ah no worries :). I edited your edits.

If you're not sure how to post a link in a comment, read our "how to" page.
I prefer a no-name for the role.
But Morena and Charisma are still on my top. Not because they're "whedonites", because they fit the role perfectly.
Thanks Simon - the ironic thing is that I did go to the "how to" page.... But then in a WENN/IMDB move I didn't read as carefully as I should have. Thanks again!

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