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"Some terrifying space monkeys maybe got loose?"
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April 03 2006

"TeeVeePedia: The TV Encyclopedia,"'s annual April Fool's joke. A take-off on wikipedia -- look at all the hits I got when I searched for "Buffy".

The "Whedonites" entry is brillant.
Yep :
...[[Whedonites|increasingly terrifying fans]]

Oh, I have to stop laughing so I can breathe! Just hilarious.
I thought the part about the "heretical faction" was the best, until I read the description of the "ultra-orthodox branch". Hilarious. (and I think I'm kinda ultra-orthodox!)
Simon mentioned this the other day. Good stuff :)
Oh, you must look at the BtVS entry, and then the Talk page.

Users 'Liam' and 'William' are having a little spat.
Lotsa little jabs put in there... (emphasis mine)

Buffy provided audiences with five years of witty dialogue, unexpected plotting, and appealing characters throughout its seven-year run.

Now... which two years don't count? :-)
I loved this about Angel:

Angel reached the height of its creative powers in its fifth season, drawing excellent ratings and well-deserved praise from critics and viewers alike for its biting wit and compelling storyline. In a peerless masterstroke of programming brilliance, The WB promptly cancelled it.
Ok, I've now been mindlessly surfing that site for two hours. :-/

Too funny!
Ha, the James Marsters article made me laugh, too:

He gained his current bad-boy reputation after he killed an off-duty stuntman with his cheekbones in a Reno bar brawl; police later deemed Marsters "too pretty" to stand trial.
I was sucked into this website on April Fools Day, wasting some of the more hi-larious hours of my life navigating around. The entries about the Fox network were probably my favorite. LMAO! :-)
Oooh! I'm a terrifying fan!
That was really funny. Thanks for pointing that one out jclemens. I didn't even notice it.

And I think I might qualify as a fangirl. Who knew?
Veronica Mars is a television series on UPN, created by Rob Thomas, starring Kristen Bell as a tiny, adorable blonde detective who is smarter than everyone else on the planet, but not nearly as smart as she thinks she is. It is perhaps best known as the only television series known to make Joss Whedon and Bruce Tinsley squeal like a sixteen-year-old girls at a Beatles concert.

Scientists have classified Veronica Mars fans as the second most-annoying TV fans on the planet, after the Whedonites. Certain members of the TeeVeePedia staff vehemently protest this; then again, they also secretly long to be Mr. Kristen Bell.

Ha! So true.
AnotherFireflyfan: same here, what a fun way to drop two hours on a Sunday afternoon. All the digs at Star Trek, Farscape, Unrequited Sexual Tension, ALF, televisions writers, Expository excuses and Tortureman! - it's been a good long while since I laughed that hard so consistently.

Hopefully this won't drop off the main page too quickly because their Numb3rs page deserves a peek too; it's quite impressive and the David Krumholtz page is even better. Give it a look.

My favorite's got to be the discussion page of the Whedonites article.

I've been banned from particiapting in TeeVeePedia. Took me less than fifteen minutes to accomplish that. I think it's a world record.
I recommend all Whedonites go sign up for TeeVeePedia and attempt to change a page. It's a lot of fun. Very entertaining, the response of one "Regis." =)
Good one, Zach. Did you not realize that I'm a member of Whedonesque too?!

All Whedonites with a sense of humor are welcome at TeeVeePedia -- I think you'll note that the pieces are written with a level of knowledge of Joss' work that could only come from people who love it.

And if you want to add truly funny stuff to the site, we'll keep it. Of course, if all you do is randomly edit pages and not contribute anything funny, you'll be shut down -- as Zach found out!

[ edited by jsnell on 2006-04-05 02:46 ]
"Good one, Zach. Did you not realize that I'm a member of Whedonesque too?!"

I was counting on it.

> We're letting lots of people we don't know from Adam
> add their own material to the site. It just needs to be funny.
> Your stuff wasn't.

Neither's 90% of what's up there now. I was trying to fit in. *smirk*

> It's not a boy's club -- it's a funny club. And you
> wrote your way right out of it.

"There are some who call you the elite. I call you my base."

> But hey, if you want to believe that you're shitting
> gold nuggets, and that we don't want you because we're playing
> favorites, be my guest...

Why would anyone in their right mind want to shit gold nuggets?

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