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April 03 2006

Breaking the Story with Tim Minear now available on DVD. Breaking the Story is an exercise in breaking a single episode of a one-hour drama, with active audience participation. Armed with a white board and marker, Tim Minear guides the class through teaser and act breaks of an episode of the long-running WB hit television show, Angel. Edited to add: Tim is donating his share of the DVD sales to My Friend's Place.

Woohoo! I've been hoping they'd release this on dvd.
You should all buy this. Like me. That is all.
Just ordered, also picked up the issue of Creative Screenwriting on stands now with similar theme with Tim. The Joss DVD they have is also a lot of fun and is only $14.95.
Somehow I missed the thread on the Joss DVD the first time around. Seems it took a long time for some people to get theirs. Did anyone never get theirs? Just wanna be sure before buying.
I think everyone eventually got them, they are just sent by media mail which is notoriously slow. They could send the things by priority for the $4-something they are charging for s/h...
Why is Tim Minear doing a Fonz impersonation?
Took about a month and a half to get my Joss DVD, we'll see how long this one takes. Starting... now!
I'd all but given up on my Joss DVD when it came. I swore I'd never buy from there again. I never follow through on things I swear to myself.
Swear to never give me money!
So what Angel ep is he breaking?
^^^One that never happened. After much audience feedback, Tim went with a Cordy/Dennis-the-ghost episode.
Hmm... well THAT'S disappointing. But oh well, any Angel is better than NO Angel.
Breaking a story is creating one from scratch. So audience had to pitch their ideas for an episode. It wouldn't work to do a story that already had been done, because the Angel writers already broke it.
The Joss DVD was great but i'm still hesitant about ordering this one. The last one took over a month to get here from reported date of despatch and though I was charged $19 for international shipping, the package actually had $5.05 stamped on it. Marking up postage by $14 seems a bit cheeky to me so i'm not sure I want to give them any more business.

But I really want the DVD. Decisions, decisions.
I got my Joss DVD on friday. I finally watched it today, and now I want this one too.
The cost to ship the Joss DVD to Canada was prohibitive, considering it doesn't cost much more than within the States, so if they are doing this again with the Tim Minear one, I won't buy it. They are indeed making money on the shipping,I think.
It took about a month for my copy of the Joss DVD to arrive, but I thought it was worth the wait. (I wouldn't have wanted to get ripped off in the international h&s costs, though.) I did order the TM DVD, and even if it takes a month to arrive, I'm sure I will enjoy it. What I'm not too keen about is all the spam I get on screenwriting as a result of my first order. I'm interested in the process, but I'm never going to be a screenwriter, and all the "requests" for my latest script, etc., are a little annoying.

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