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April 03 2006

Pre-Order 'These Girls' DVD (R1) starring Boreanaz and Dhavernas. To be released May 16th. "During their summer between high school and college, three girls blackmail a slightly older hunk into having sex with them".

this is a comedy? i thought it sounded like it was in the cruel intentions genre....this seems like the wrongest thing ever.
Why, what's so wrong about 3 barely-legal girls having simultaneous affairs with a married marijuana dealer around 30+ years old? What's not hi-larious about that? ;-)

Actually, it's true, just stating the premise doesn't necessarily sound funny, but if you see some of the trailers they've had online, then you see where the comedy is. There've been threads linking to the trailers on this board, I'm too lazy to look any of them up. ;-)
Is this version edited? Because I think I remember reading that it would be edited for U.S. release.
You're quite right, ESG. It was reported in this thread that the U.S. version would be "mildly tweaked." I'm going Canadian with this one.
Thanks, SNT. I'm going Canadian too then.
There's no other way to go ;-)
So, was this a straight-to-dvd release? I don't remember hearing anything about it being in theatres.
The American version is only $ 15.13 at

But I'll wait for the Canadian version to be available at (the Canadian Amazon) if it is indeed unedited.
It showed here in Quebec for two weeks... I planned to see it, but heard it was pretty bad from one of my fellow fans. I didn't read any write-ups or anything... showed in one theater (the AMC).
Most of the R1 DVDs I buy from PlayUSA are, in fact, Canadian. Don't know whether this one will be or not.
It's in theatres right now in a few major cities and such, or even in suburban areas that're lucky enough to have a theatre that plays foreign & indie material in addition to mainstream.

I wanted to see it last weekend, but I still hadn't seen V for Vendetta and needed to see that more. Maybe I'll get to These Girls this week, but since the DVD is coming out so soon I could just as easily wait for it.
The Canadian version is cheaper (on than the American version anyway. And, These Girls is still in the theatres here in Canada, but only in three theatres around Toronto (and disappearing fast).
Interestingly, lists a rating of R for this film, but it's rated 14A here in Ontario.

It has been re-edited a bit from when I saw it at the Toronto International Film Festival - one thing that I noticed was gone was a very funny bit with the Holly Lewis character and David - there was nothing even slightly risqué about it so I guess it was edited for other reasons.

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