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April 04 2006

(SPOILER) Amy Acker expecting her second child in September according to Kristin at E! Online. Big spoilers for US tv shows on this page.

Relevant details for people not wishing to be spoiled.

Now, scoop: Just heard that Amy Acker is pregnant and expecting her second child in September. Yay, a little Freddie, Freddie!

Wow! That's SO awesome for her. Now if only I could bare to watch Alias, even if only to see her being the bad girl.
Jeez, not to sound like a teenager (I'm an old man -- twenty, you know), but her and her husband have been getting their groove on lately.
Most husbands and wives get their groove on more than twice in three years.
Does anybody know when ABC is actually going to deign to have "Alias" once again grace our airwaves?
It returns April 19.
Is Alias still on the air? Sheesh.

Does her being pregnant rule Amy Acker out of contention for being cast as WW?

I watch ABC constantly so I'm always seeing commercials for Alias' return. I can't wait!
I'm watching NBC constantly and am becoming addicted to Deal Or No Deal and Fear Factor. I can't wait to die!
Don't worry, your brain will rot soon ZachsMind ;)
Someone must smash ZM's TV. We can't let his brain rot...
I thought the spoiler was the gender of the child *g*

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