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April 04 2006

Michelle Trachtenberg on "House" tonight. Buffy's little sis will be Dr. House's latest patient tonight. She'll be a heart transplant recipient who gets a mysterious allergy despite living in a "clean" house.

And here we were thinking it would be the last of the Troika. Thanks for the heads up.
Am I the only one who sees the promo for this ep and doesn't think it looks like her? I'm starting to lose familiarty with Buffy actors maybe?
Well she is getting older, plus she has all that makeup on to make her appear sick.
No, eddy, you're not the only one. I've seen the House promo maybe 5 times this week and never recognized her. Just dosen't look like little sis at all!
Oh look, I found few clips here.
The editing is pretty fast and like delirium_haze said she's made up to look sick. Maybe she'll be dancing at The Bronze before she does the pre-credit collapse.

Prediction: I bet she lives.
I just saw the ad for it this morning. I thought she looked like herself.
You know she's going to tell House to, "GET OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT!"

(I was surprised nobody chimed in with this obligatory comment--its kind of like seeing a Glory/Clare post and nobody writes, " Ben and Glory are related somehow???")
So. Dawn's in trouble. Must be Tuesday.
Ha! You two kill me...
I'm going out to see Slither tonight so I'm going to miss this episode but I think I'll tape it and watch it later.
LOL, Arabchick. Good one. (Coincidentally, it IS Tuesday..)
Yay! She Lived!

See, that "House is due in for a death thing" was all nonsense.

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This was a really good episode of House. There were some awesome lines. Anyway, at the part where Belinda disappeared, over on LJ eileenthepeach said:


I'm still dieing over that.
I adore House. And my jaw dropped when [self-censored for spoilerage] at the end -- go, Wilson! Plus, looks like next week we're in for a death, at least in flashback...
A great House with some savagely funny dialogue (god, I hope Wilson never moves out). And just when I wondered how the writers could possibly find a new way for House to simultaneously shock and dazzle everyone with his patented brand of crass brilliance, he goes to the unspeakable and finds the unthinkable. MT did a very convincing job as Belinda, but I think I'm glad I couldn't see her reaction during the elevator scene. Yikes!
There's more House talk on dot org. And I thought the elevator scene was hilarious and perfect. Wonder how many takes they had to do to get the timing just right. is reporting that House posted record numbers on Tuesday, earning the sophomore series its highest ratings ever in total viewers (22.6 million) as well as among adults 18-49 and 18-34.

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