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March 18 2003

(SPOILER) AtS S4x15 'Orpheus' wildfeed Awesome ad-free wildfeed!

My favorite wildfeed source! This is Acolyte's usual "type as I watch" preview, and, as usual, the detailed version (with many great screenshots) will be posted about 5 hours later. WB ran the wildfeed 9 (nine!) hours later than usual, do not know why. But when it runs as normal, Acolyte's preview is usually up by 7:00 am, full episode description up by 11:00 am.

Great episode, and handy esp. for us sad Rhode Islanders who don't get Angel until Friday. (urgh!)

Man, Alexis and Aly were great together. And if there weren't any F/W shippers before, there will be now...
I agree this was a great episode. I don't normally read spoilers however WGN broke in with news about the war during the last ten minutes. Like news about this war isn't something that could keep for ten minutes. Anyway I was dying to know what happened and I remembered seeing this wildfeed mentioned earlier in the day so I came here and at least found out what happened. I wish I could have seen it and I wish this war had been avoided.

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