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April 05 2006

Fox releases early details on DVD release for Alyson Hannigan's "Date Movie". Link contains covers and details for both regular and unrated releases.

Wow a DVD cover that's even worse than the US Serenity one. I didn't think that was possible.
That is, indeed, one of the most amateurish pieces of photo-shoppery i've seen in a long time. I doubt even a whole herd of llamas could save this cover.

However, this comment found underneath made me laugh:

I wish I had used the time I spent watching this to eat my own heart.

That box-art is terrible.

Won't be picking this up, really didn't think it was very good at all, I usually get a good laugh out of these type of movies but this just did nothing for me.
Hmm. I still have this downloaded. I have ever since it came out. I don't want to watch it. But I have the feeling that my love of Aly will get me to...
Don't do it UnpluggedCrazy!

I usually make a rule of buying any film that I downloaded rather than going to the cinema to see, this will be the second time (Van Helsing being the first) that I've broken that rule.
Unplugged Crazy it's so not worth it. See the quote that Saje used.

I had to relinquish movie-picking rights for who knows how long to my boyfriend on account of this film. And I almost volunteerd to go camping, it was so bad... fortunately I stopped before the words came out of my mouth. phew!
Bad movie. Check.
Bad box art. Check.
Money spent foolishly. Check.

Give me my 2 hours back!
I don't get how "From 2 of the 6 writers of Scary Movie" is supposed to be a draw. lol
Actually, this fact is being mentioned, in big highlighted letters, on the resumes of the other 4 writers. ;-)
Haha, billz, that is great:

From one of the four Scary Movie writers who didn't lay a damn hand on Date Movie! Hey, sometimes we're allowed to have standards too.
Hmm... is the worst movie of the year Bloodrayne, Date Movie, or When a Stranger Calls? It was a bad couple of months.
Here are metacritic's lowest ratings of the year (and their worst all-time).
I actually think that "2 of 6 writers!" joke was funny, everything else... not so much. There were like three scenes that I honestly chuckled at, and one of them irked me anyway. (The random LOTR bit where they didn't even feign hobbit heights, "keep your pimp hand strong" just because of Hannigan's delivery, and... I'm pretty sure there was one other. Oh, the Kill Bill homage where one character--maybe the phone-- imagines assassinating Aly's character with a dodgeball?)

Everything else though? Hardly counts as jokes when they're just allusions or direct lifts from other films... Speaking of, why is the Owen Wilson-a-like on the cover at all when there wasn't a joke in the actual movie? In the trailer someone falls from a tree on him which isn't that great, but I don't remember anything in the actual film. He had one line, it seems like they would have gone with a slightly more prominent other character...
I am SOOOOO glad I didn't bother to see this movie (and I'm kinda sorry I wasted a moment to look at the awful cover art).

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